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Written by Clare

An artist emailed me recently to say “I’m having a problem receiving your Indie Retail Academy newsletters. They’re not coming through.”

They weren’t coming through because I wasn’t writing them.

Anthony and I tried to become parents for almost fifteen years.

The last six months were particularly brutal.

In January, we quit.

Until that moment, I had no idea how tired I was. It was like being chased up a tree by a slavering komodo dragon.

All of which is to say: it’s been tough.

But venomous reptiles have a way of clarifying your thinking and what I’m thinking is:

I miss talking to you and maybe other creative people like you…

Who share my love of handmade products and independent shops.

Who might not ever (ever, ever, EVER) call themselves “salespeople” but who can become happier, wealthier sellers with encouragement, practice and tools.

And who might possibly want to hear from me more than once every never.

So I’m relaunching my newsletter.

It’s for creative people who are interested-but-nervous about selling their work to shops and want to enjoy learning the ropes and growing their wholesale business.

Every Wednesday you’ll get:

– A selling-to-shops idea to stick in your pipe (and smoke if you wish.)

– A round-up of other useful ideas I think will help you promote and profit from your products.

– Things I’m doing in case we can do some of them together.

– Tips on what makes indie retailers say “Yes.”

– High jinks.

I’m calling it Wholesale Curious.

It’s free. No spam. Unsubscribe any time.


As artists, we make things better by making better things, right?


I knew you’d get it.

Look out for the first newsletter arriving on Wednesday, or if you aren’t already a subscriber, sign up here.

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