Yes, Creating A Delightful Unboxing Experience Is Worth It

Because who doesn't love hidden treasure?

Opening a parcel from you should be a delicious experience for your customers. Here are 3 reasons why.

1. It decreases fear.

When your package arrives, that’s the first time they hold something you created in their hands.

Until now, every experience they’ve had with you has most likely been virtual – instagram, your website, catalogue, maybe email or your newsletter.

So, emotionally speaking, they have quite a lot riding on the moment of unboxing. There’s hope that you turn out to be just as good as you looked, mixed with fear of being disappointed.

When opening the box is delightful, all by itself, you encourage your customer to feel good before they even get to the lovely thing you make.

2. It helps you sell without being salesy.

A cool unboxing experience gives you tons to talk about on social media, in blog posts and when you email your mailing list.

A picture of your compostable packing materials snuggling around products inside a branded box, for example, helps me absorb the idea that you want things to be pretty but not wasteful.

If those values chime with me, I might decide to take a closer look at what you do. Maybe even buy something.

3.It encourages buyers to shout about you.

A well-designed unboxing experience is a way of welcoming your people, telling your story and showing them what happens when they trust you with their money.

Get this right and your customers feel a thrill, like they’ve found hidden treasure.

When people feel like that, they can’t wait to share unboxing videos about your stuff – and that’s some powerful (and free!) word-of-mouth advertising.

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