Words That Sell

In this section of the Knowledge Hub we'll talk about how to write confidently and persuasively for your website, content and everyday emails - even if you're not a "natural" writer.

A snappy description is a multi-purpose
sentence that makes selling your stuff easier. Here are 20 examples.

The story of a challenge you faced and overcame is is magnetically interesting to readers in the same situation.

Let's get the powerful imagination engine that lives inside the human head working for you.

You can’t control the paths your visitor takes (or how much espresso they’ve had,) so your Yikes page is your safety net.

You’ve got to knock someone’s socks off to get testimonials, which is why customers find them so persuasive.

An interesting sign-off is a way of proving there’s a real person behind the messages you send.

You spend a few moments working out what this new place is and whether you’re about to be attacked by a salt vampire.

Let’s look at some common mistakes that let air out of your tyres and cause your About page to perform less well.