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What Would Make You 10% More Comfortable?

You deserve to feel good

A yoga teacher I follow said something interesting the other day. “If you can make yourself five or ten percent more comfortable in this pose, do it.”

Which made me think “Why don’t we do that at work?”

It could look like…

– Buying flowers for your desk.

– Getting a chair that doesn’t squeak like a drunk mouse every time you move a millimetre.

– Spending a couple of hours making playlists so you’re always listening to something you like.

– Setting a timer to remind you to get up and move / eat / take a break.

– Keeping a couple of pairs of nice socks in your desk drawer because your feet always get cold.

10% changes aren’t likely to be big, expensive things like finding a new studio or buying a better computer. They’re probably going to be fairly cheap, fast and easy to put into practice.

So why not set things up so you feel a little more comfortable?

Here are some ways that members of my Sell Like An Artist Facebook Group felt they could get their 10%:

Less clutter!! It clears my mind to have a clean office and it’s NEVER clean of work because there is always too much to do!


I bought a 3″ thick memory foam desk chair cushion the other week precisely for this reason – what a difference! Why didn’t I do that sooner?!


Comfortable headphones/earbuds! I still haven’t found the holy grail pair that don’t kill my ears after an hour or so.


I bought fab organiser inserts for IKEA furniture last week, now everything is to hand and packing orders is a joy!


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