You Make A Great Product.
Here's How To Sell It To Shops.

You know the clothes you wear at your day job?

The uniform or suit or annoying hat that hurts your ears.

The clothes that make your heart sink a little when it’s time to pull them on, because you know what *that* means.

How’d you like to donate the whole lot to the charity of your choosing?

Or throw them into one of those big recycling bins, enjoying the THUNK as the flap slams shut?

Or toss them on a bonfire while your friends cheer and clink bottles?

How good would THAT feel?

Wanna find out?

Welcome to What Retailers Want, the best-selling training programme that takes the eeeek! out of learning how to sell your work to shops.

Thousands of students in the USA, the UK, Australia, Scandinavia and countries around the world have used this class to boost their income by getting retailers saying "Yes!" to buying their products.

And the best part?

This course is geared specifically towards beginners.

So even if you’ve never approached a retailer before and haven’t got a clue about pitch emails or minimum orders, don’t worry.

I'm going to walk you through the entire process,

Nicola Taylor

"This is the single-most useful course I’ve ever purchased for my business. It’s the best resource for artists who want to expand into shops and generally stop feeling rubbish about being rejected."

Nicola Taylor, Photographer

Some of the tips inside this training include:

  • Hands-down the most introvert-friendly way to ask retailers to stock your work. (Not only does this help you write emails that make retailers WANT to buy your products...it helps you write emails very fast, so you can happily reach out to stores then get on with other things. Page 119.)

  • The "nuclear option" subject line that's so powerful it's almost guaranteed to get lots of retailers opening your pitch email. (Even by stores who've deleted your emails without reading them in the past! Page 120.)

  • What's the best time of the day, week and year for pitching to stores? (My answer to this one tends to cut through a lot of stress and agonising for creative people. Page 144)

  • How to "program" your pricing and terms and conditions so they easily match up with what retailers are looking for, while taking good care of YOU. (Doing this right first time is setting yourself up for success. Page 82.)

  • The one kind of retailer that's actually dangerous to your wholesale business. (Many promising artists give up on selling to shops in despair, simply because they don't know about this kind of store. Page 15.)

...or scroll down for more details.

Ever wish you could just ASK a retailer:
"How do I get you to buy my stuff?"

I can give you the answer.

I'm Clare Yuille, indie retailers and owner of award-winning lifestyle boutique Merry + Bright.

I'm your customer.

Every year I spend thousands on stock from creative businesses like yours. I know what wholesale buyers expect, what turns us off and what makes us say "Here's what we'd like to order."

What Retailers Want is based on my experience of buying from hundreds of suppliers, from tiny one-man-bands to huge household names.

Clare Yuille

Not knowing which stores are likely
to buy your work = ANNOYING

Wasting time and money
approaching the wrong stores = THE WORST

Making sure you nimbly side-step those two pitfalls from now on = TOTALLY DO-ABLE

I've used my knowledge to create a comprehensive wholesale training program, so you can stop relying on luck to get the results you want from selling to stores.

AT LAST you'll know that your pitches to stores WORK, and that you have the best possible chance of landing wholesale orders.

You CAN get your product into stores,
(even if nothing has worked before.)

You may have tried wholesale training programmes before and experienced lacklustre results.

Or maybe you decided to go it alone.

Even if you've already tried to sell your product to shopkeepers and been turned down, What Retailers Want will teach you the techniques that give every submission you send off to a store the maximum chance of success.

WRW Buyers Pack Wholesale Documents

Rest assured that this is not a rehash of the "tips and tricks" you've read about in random blog posts or on the Etsy seller forums.

This time you don't have to rely on hearsay or what seemed to work for someone else.

Instead, you've got a real indie retailer - someone who buys and sells lovely things like yours FOR A LIVING - showing you the ropes.

What Retailers Want starts out by covering all the basics, but in a way you've probably never seen before - emphasising the small details that make the difference between receiving your first wholesale order from a store, and receiving no response at all.

What Retailers Want also features a refreshing lack of "one size fits all" thinking.

Yes, it includes example documents and word-for-word scripts, but you'll discover that giving them your own twist is what makes you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

What Retailers Want works.


"Your pitch recipe does work. When I use it,
I actually get replies starting with “Hi, this is a great pitch by the way.”

Valentina Albaek, Textile Designer

Betty Hobcraft

“I experienced so many “a-ha!” moments. Until I took What Retailers Want, I’d resigned myself to the idea that I just wasn't cut out for sales and would have to hire someone. Now it all makes so much sense.”

Betty Hobcraft, Fashion Designer

jo tinley

“What Retailers Want completely changed my outlook and gave me so much confidence. Within 6 months I increased my outlets from one to five and exhibited at the prestigious British Craft Trade Fair. I still refer to the materials today and I've taken more of Clare’s courses – she’s my secret weapon!”

Joanne Tinley, Jewellery Designer


You've saved me years of stumbling around in the dark getting rejected and not knowing why. I now know I’m approaching stores professionally. That saves me so many sleepless nights of worry."

Sasha DeWitt, Illustrator

Here's why it works so well.

I don't believe in the "wholesale by numbers" approach, where you're taught to replicate what worked for the course leader.

Every wholesale business is unique. What leads to fame, riches and a gold-plated potato masher for one supplier, in their extremely specific circumstances, may not be right for you.

Instead of laying down a rigid formula, I'm going to show you how to create a way of selling to shops that works for you - from scratch.

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Straight Answers

What Retailers Want begins with a straight-talking explanation of how to identify the retailers who are most likely to buy your stuff. Each chapter builds on the last so you get steadily smarter and more confident as we go along.

WRW Worksheets

Tailored To You

In your worksheets, you'll apply what you've learned to your situation. But don't worry about being thrown in at the deep end - we'll get your brain warmed up with some enjoyable exercises first. That way, when it's your turn, you're raring to go.

20 minute Catalogue example 2

Wholesale Your Way

Instead of hearing what someone else did, you'll identify and work on the areas that directly impact your wholesale income. If you do the things we talk about, your submissions to stores will become polished, professional and persuasive.

Examples Of All The Documents
You Need To Sell To Shops Are Included

If you're like most artists, you've been worrying about that.

Years of working with students and one-to-one clients have shown me that the biggest fear creative people have about approaching stores is not looking professional.

That's why a full suite of example wholesale documents is included in What Retailers Want. They provide a ready-made structure that you can easily adapt and build on.

  • 12 Page Catalogue

  • Order Form

  • Invoice

  • Line Sheet

Your example catalogue includes:
Welcome Page, Product Pages, Testimonials, Behind-The-Scenes Page, Starter Pack Page, How To Order Page, Terms + Conditions Page.
WRW documents buyers pack


Your example PDFs show you how to do practical things like lay out your catalogue and line sheet, but they're also your safety net.

All you have to do is open up your design software (Canva, Word or whatever you're comfortable with,) and copy what you see.

All of the important details, plus the features that make you look like a pro, are already built in to your examples.

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By the end of What Retailers Want
you'll know:

How to pitch your products to stores in a way that gets results. Period.

How to write an email that gets shopkeepers scrambling to make an order.

How to tell at a glance which stores are most likely to stock your work.

What to say (and what not to say) so you get taken seriously.

How to build a profitable partnership with stores that can boost your income for years to come.

Take a look at what we'll cover:



Your Most Likely Wholesale Buyer

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How to make the buying decision effortless for retailers.

The simple way to tell if a store is worth approaching.

How to sell more to shopkeepers by satisfying their biggest "unmet needs."

Why there's only TWO types of retail buyer you ever need to think about.

Finding the right shops for you, made VERY easy.


Building A Professional Buyers' Pack

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The simple recipe for describing what you do, that makes retailers feel immediately satisfied (and fall in love with the way you do things.)

How to quickly press all the right buttons so retailers see you as safe and reliable.

Specifically how to fix your website so that retailers (and regular customers) feel good about buying from you.

What to include in your catalogue, step by step.

How to have retailers genuinely enjoy the fact that you're selling to them. 


Nailing Down Your Terms & Conditions

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How to set your terms and conditions (explained in plain English - at last!)

How to nudge retailers from "Maybe one day" to "Great, let's order now."

The smart way to get retailers placing bigger orders, now and every time.

How and when to deploy your line sheet and catalogue for best results.

How to set your prices, payment terms and sale-or-return agreements so they match up with what retailers want to see.


Making An Amazing First Impression

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My famous word-for-word script for approaching a store and WHY it works so consistently and so well.

The one thing to include in your pitch email to give it the very best chance of being opened immediately.

Pitching by letter and phone...and is it EVER okay to just show up in person?

How to give retailers the emotional experience they crave and position yourself as the perfect fit for their store.

Examples of the poor-quality pitches stores receive, so you never make these mistakes.


Maintaining Your Momentum

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How not to be paralysed by the fear of being rejected, and how to recover quickly when you are.

What to do immediately when a retailer says "yes!"

What to look out for when a retailer approaches YOU about stocking your work.

My word-for-word script for following up on your initial pitch, giving you a whole new opportunity to grab the retailer's attention.

How to finally feel great about selling your work, even if you'd never call yourself a natural salesperson.

Let's-get-straight-to-the-point training for creative people who like practical lessons with lots of examples.

This isn't another course that's going to sit untouched on your hard drive.

What Retailers Want is all about taking action, and the lessons you'll find inside are clear and to the point.

This class is specifically designed to make the training, and the steps you need to take, as clear as possible so you get individualised results without the guesswork.

Clear, jargon-free language.

Short, easy-to-digest sections.

Detailed explanations - even for things you might be worried are "silly questions."

Pre-class mini lessons to get you off to a flying start.

wrw-pages 10
  • 5 Practical Sections

  • 4 Example Documents

  • 2 "Clare's Done All The Work For You" Template Scripts

  • Full Audio Recording

  • Printable + Editable Worksheets

Everything is clearly organised in a dedicated class portal so you always know what to work on.

You shouldn't have to spend your time searching forums and old blog posts to find the answers you need.

When you enroll in What Retailers Want, everything is all in one place, easy to follow and permanently available to you.

Now it's time to choose if you want in or not.

 Join What Retailers Want.

What Retailers Want costs less than you'd earn from one small order from a store and it's proven to deliver results for artists all over the world.


100% Guaranteed Or I'll Buy It Back
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Money back guarantee badge EN

You're covered by the Indie Retail Academy Guarantee

Give What Retailers Want an honest try. The fact is if you do the work, you'll get results.

But after the first four weeks, if you're not making progress, and feeling noticeably better about selling to stores, I don't want your money. Send me an email and I'll issue you with a full refund. No hoops to jump through, no homework to hand in.


“What Retailers Want actually factored in how I might feel about creating a linesheet or contacting a potential stockist, so I felt like I had someone holding my hand and walking me through step by step. It’s a How-To kit with confidence thrown in!”

Rosie Cheetham, Stationery Designer

Frequently Asked Questions
(Plus, You Know, The Answers)

  • Free Updates

    What Retailers Want is regularly updated based on student feedback and what's new in wholesale. You'll never have to pay for the most recent version.

  • Lifetime Access

    You’ll never lose access to your training. If you have to take time off, pick right back up where you started. Your materials are always available.
  • Brilliant Support

    If you ever get stuck or need help, you can easily send me a message and get my support. I'm here to help.

Will this help me sell to major retailers?

This training serves a particular niche of creative entrepreneurs very well, but it’s not for everyone. You won’t learn how to sell your work to big department stores or multiples, anything to do with licensing, sales reps, manufacturing or the magic formula for overnight wealth and success.

No leprechauns here, I’m afraid. But if you want to learn how to sell to boutiques and galleries, What Retailers Want was made for you.

What kind of artists benefit from this training?

Stationery makers, ceramicists, painters, illustrators, furniture makers, skin care makers, jewellery designers, glass makers, fashion designers, lingerie designers, swimwear designers, photographers, papercut artists, book binders, leather workers, stone carvers and sculptors, weavers, textile designers, print makers and confectioners have all used this training to sell their work to shops.

If you make a handmade product, What Retailers Want is for you.

Does this training apply where I live?

Yes. There are What Retailers Want students in the UK, the US and Canada, South America, India, Scandinvia, Australia, Indonesia and countries all around the world.

Depending on your industry and where you are, you may have to make small adjustments but the principles you'll learn are universal.


What results do students typically achieve?

Students snag their very first stockists, increase the number and value of the wholesale accounts they already have, find the confidence to exhibit at prestigious trade shows and pitch collaborations with retailers.

They make more money and feel less overwhelmed. Your mileage may vary, but if you put in the work, great things are likely to happen.


What formats do the materials come in?

You'll receive a PDF and a podcast-quality audio recording of the class, editable and printable worksheets and example PDFs of a catalogue, line sheet, order form and invoice.

There are a couple of extra surprises waiting for you in the class portal too, like three pre-class mini lessons and a roadmap to your first 10 stockists.

Everything is yours immediately, and they're yours for life - including lifetime updates.

How long till I see results?

That depends on how you like to learn. There’s nothing to stop you cherry-picking the advice you need most and putting it into action immediately.

If you’ve chosen the right store and all your other elements are in place, you might get a positive response within a couple of days or even hours. Or it might take a bit longer than that.

The lessons in What Retailers Want tend to stack. The more you put the things we talk about into practice, the more their effectiveness builds up and the quicker you start seeing results.

What if I have a question that's not covered here?

Easy - just get in touch with me here, or at clare@indieretailacademy.com, and I'll get back to you personally.


Jany Drury

“Seriously, thank you. This course is brilliant and worth every penny. I'd totally recommend it to anybody who's just venturing into wholesale and in need of a bit of guidance.”

Jane Drury, Jewellery Designer


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