when a retailer says no

What It Means When A Retailer Says “No”

Probably not what you think

When you get zero response or an outright “no” from a retailer, here’s what it means:

– I haven’t read your email yet.

– I’d love to buy but there’s nothing left in our budget.

– I’m having a passionate affair with Pablo from Hair Hair Hair next door, and am too busy buying frilly underthings and researching discreet B+Bs on Tripadvisor to think about stock.

– I have Covid.

– All my staff have Covid.

– My inbox is so terrifyingly full I’ve stopped looking at new emails.

– I’m not sure if I trust you yet.

– We’re having a bad month and I’m scared to spend the money.

– I’m on holiday in Cancun. Okay, Skegness.

– I just bought something similar from another supplier.

– We haven’t sold through our last delivery from you yet.

– I haven’t planned for this purchase.

– I’m going to make a big order from you next month.

– I’m running an event in the shop and am completely distracted.

– Our upstairs neighbour left the tap running and now his bathtub is in my office.

– I stocked a similar item in the past, got burned and don’t want to feel like a fool again.

– Thinking about this will cause me to think about other things, like how we need a new display unit or should completely re-think our jewellery selection, and I 100% cannot deal with that right now.

Here’s what no doesn’t mean:

– I’ve given my full attention and consideration to every aspect of your offer and I hate it and I hate you.

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