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The Website Mistake You Can Fix By Being Yourself

Don't leave your buyers thirsty.

Here’s a slip-up that makes people click away from your website:

Not realising that you’re interesting to potential buyers.

People who buy lovely things like yours could get a similar(ish) mass-market version faster than you can say “Amazon Prime.” It’d cost them considerably less too.

So why are they even looking at your website?

Because they care about quality, craftsmanship and preciousness more than they care about holding onto their money.

As we’ve talked about before, buyers who are looking to spend as little as possible are not your kind of buyers.

Know how you can tell if someone IS your kind of buyer?

They’re into you.

Your tools. Your hands. Your workshop. Your messy desk. Your thought process. Your studio playlist. Your prototypes and experiments. Your spectacular failures. Your lovely face as you open up your kiln / sketch book / pencil box / sewing kit.


Sometimes it’s because the people who seek out and buy from businesses like yours are frustrated artists. They’d love to have a creative life like yours, but for whatever reason things haven’t turned out that way for them.

They go to work in a 35 floor office block. You make magical things with your hands. Buying your work is a way of vicariously living a moment of the life they long for.

Or these are people who just appreciate art. They like how it makes them feel (or how it makes them look to others.)

They naturally see the value in it.

Both of these groups want and need to see a lot of you on your website, because your talent, experience and unique view of the world is part of what they’re looking to buy.

If you’re absent or awkward about showing up in front of your kind of buyer, if there are no photos of you or a sketchy About page, you’re leaving them thirsty.

Yes, your product deserves to be in the spotlight. But you should be singing back-up vocals right behind it.

Fix this slip-up by:

– Including lots of photos on your About page and elsewhere on your site.

– Writing blog posts, social media posts and newsletters that invite your audience into your world.

– Understanding things that are utterly boring and workaday to you are fascinating to your kind of buyer, and sharing that stuff with them.

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