Success Stories

“We did a webinar with Clare about selling to small independent shops and it was one of our most popular webinars ever. More than 200 people signed up in less than 4 hours, completely overloading our systems! And more than 300 asked to get access to the recording!”

Patricia van den Akker
Director | The Design Trust

"Your approach is just marvellous. You took wholesale, which tends to be a tedious subject, and made it fun, readable, relateable."

“I’m already recommending Clare’s What Retailers Want programme as the single-most useful course I’ve ever purchased for my business. It’s the best resource for artists who want to expand into shops and generally stop feeling rubbish about being rejected.”

Nicola Taylor

I became smitten with Clare when I discovered her absolute love for helping others get into retail stores, her lovely sense of humour and her free starter kit. Her passion and experience got me excited to add her as a contributor on Handmade Success.

Kerry Burki
Editor | Handmade Success

“We want Folksy to offer a whole heap of advice for makers and working with Clare means we can do just that. Her knowledge around running a successful creative business and selling to retailers is second to none.

She also has a style that’s perfect for our community – friendly, jargon-free, with a huge dollop of wit thrown in. We love her!”

Emily Barnes

“I devoured each chapter of What Retailers Want and there were so many “a-ha!” moments. Until I took the class, I’d resigned myself to the idea that I’m just not cut out for sales and would have to hire someone. Now it all makes so much sense. Thank you for giving me my passion back.”

Betty Hobcraft
Fashion Designer | Betty Blues Loungerie

“I think quite possibly doing your course will be the difference between my business succeeding and failing. I now have your lovely voice popping into my head when I get nervous about tackling a business challenge (that’s a good thing I promise, not weird at all!)”

Rosie Cheetham
Papercut Artist | Rosie And The Boys

"I think I've learned more about running a creative business in the last three hours than I did during my degree!"

“Indie Retail Academy has left me feeling inspired and much more confident about approaching new stockists. I’m generally a very confident person but found the thought of approaching stockists extremely frightening. You’ve really given me a boost.”

Tamsin Seed
Stationery Designer | Studio Seed

Thanks for all your help! I’m steadily working on my catalogue – it’s great what you’re doing, it’s so helpful! I’ve had great interest from a variety of retailers and it’s so exciting. I think I was going along the right track but you’ve helped me become so much more confident and professional.

Antii Sullivan
Stationery Designer | Textile Designer

“I’m so pleased someone recommended you on the Not On The High Street sellers forum. Your style is refreshing and captivating, I’ve read the e-mail you sent yesterday 3 times already as it just grabbed me so much. You speak how I speak, you think how I think and the down to earth common sense approach that you have is absolutely perfect for busy creative people like me.”

Aimee Smeaton-Brown
Artist | Gorgeous Graffiti

“It’s the best thing ever to have the shopkeeper’s viewpoint as I have struggled to get info on the right approach and how to best keep in touch without appearing to be a stalker. I loved the advice about ‘helping’ the shop owner which was so different from how I had been viewing things. You’ve made me get back my focus, Clare, and feel enthused again – thank you!”

Pipany Philp
Textile Designer | Pipany

“Your guide has really inspired me to approach shops to wholesale my items. I’ve worked out a plan for a comprehensive wholesale pack to supply to retailers and I can’t wait to start working on it.

Thank you for the invaluable advice!”

Chiara Stone
Graphic Designer and Jewellery Designer | Hoobynoo World

“Clare, thank you so much for the detailed explanations. It looks very good and I will read it a few more times to let it all fall into place.

Thank you so much. Really wonderful help. I will certainly be in touch again when I have another puzzle.”

Jim Rokos
Industrial Designer | Rokos

I wish you'd been around when I started. I wouldn't have made so many mistakes!

“Another incredibly helpful and entertaining lesson. I especially appreciated the audio recording so I could soak up all of your insights while running errands. Your classes are simple and potent. I’ll shoot myself in the foot a lot less now!”

Heather Donahue
Potion Maker | Prettywell

“Instead of having a vague and fuzzy idea of how I would go about getting my work into shops it now feels like I have been presented with a set of clear instructions. A lot of things had never occurred to me but now make perfect sense. You are so spot on with your understanding of the fears and doubts that abound when trying to get your own business off the ground – it feels like you are speaking directly to me and have possibly read my mind.”

Kat Young
Textile Designer | Clothkat