& Resilience

In this section of the Knowledge Hub we'll talk about how to keep going when things suck and overcoming common obstacles like impostor syndrome.

The more we care about something, the bigger the associated tasks tend to feel, like they're under a magnifying glass.

There’s an excitement and a momentum that can carry you along and make habit change easier and kind of effortless.

Looking at things from a different angle can turn a crazy, complicated problem into a simple and solvable one.

We turn baking the perfect chocolate roulade, or raking in $1,000 in Etsy sales, into a way of giving ourselves an A+.

There will be times when you want to ball the whole thing up and take a job breeding hagfish.

Whose Opinion Can
You Trust?

Orthodontics in Scotland in the nineties was like having a haunted car park installed in your mouth.

You almost certainly think that if you aren’t waving off stacks of orders at the post office every day, it’s all down to you.

Today we’re going to talk about the understandable-but-dumb hang-ups that stop you selling your work to shops.

Let’s pretend that feeling stressed and overwhelmed is 100% normal and reasonable and go from there.

Pull on your potholing boots and check your chest harness because we’re descending into the dark places.

The end of the year is often when we feel the gap between where we are and where we want to be most acutely.

Your smart brain rightly thinks you’re amazing and wants to keep you safe forever and ever.