Your Terms
& Conditions

The articles in this section of the Knowledge Hub talk about your wholesale terms and conditions, which set out how you do business.

Paying for shipping is right up there with some wazzock barrelling into the shop with huge dog on a tiny leash.

If you saw that on your timetable, you’d assume your teachers wanted you to smoke oregano behind the bike sheds.

When a shopkeeper asks for your minimum order, don't say “I get the stuffed crust with extra cheese.”

if you know that your retailers are holding round pegs, you can make your slots round too – or at least less square.

Minimum quantities are another way of gently boosting the value of your wholesale orders.

Before you draw up your damages and returns policies, be clear about what the law requires in your part of the world.

In addition to your minimum order and free shipping level, here are 13 more things to think about.