Selling For

In this section of the Knowledge Hub we'll talk about how to sell your products, even if you're a modest person who feels sick with fear about selling.

Thanks to a little thing called the internet, buyers now have access to as much, if not more, information as the seller.

Do you watch other people selling their stuff to stores and think “But WHY is this so HAAAARD for me?”

Sighing with relief, you screw the top back onto your Clown-Off pepper spray, buy a ticket and go in.

If you ever find yourself on stage playing the falsely-accused wife in Othello, there are three things you need to know.

Whoever came up with “shameless self-promotion” better enjoy their final moments of looking good in hats.

I once witnessed a man shouting at Marks & Spencer billboard because it was trying to sell him a bottle of zinfandel.

Life became a lot nicer for me when I realised my creative style = "bed-head." I don't like things to be perfect.

Praying you’ll fall down a manhole and the king of the sewer rats will make you his butler?

10% changes aren't likely to be big, expensive things like finding a new studio or buying a better computer.