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Earn The Money You Want From Wholesale
In The Fastest Way For YOU

If you want to reliably make more money from selling your work to shops this year, I have good news.

You DON'T have to spend thousands on exhibiting at a trade show.

You DON'T have to use pushy sales tactics that make you feel uncomfortable.

And you ABSOLUTELY DON'T have to work yourself into the ground. (Yay!)

If you want all the wholesale orders you can handle, the simple answer is...

Get more of your EXISTING buyers
placing more orders, more often.

Pitching to new retailers will always be important.

But if you're SO READY for a bit of ease and predictability from your wholesale income, it's time to get a system in place that makes your current stockists want to keep on giving you money.

And if you want that to happen as fast as possible for your specific business, I'm teaching a class that shows you exactly how to do it.

But more on that later.

Right now I have a question for you.  


Have you been told it takes YEARS
to build up a profitable wholesale business?

That once a store buys from you, whether they come back is all down to luck?

That you get out what you put in, so you should be doing whatever it takes to book an outrageously expensive stand at a trade show – even though it might not result in immediate sales?

That's a pretty painful way to do business.

There’s a faster, more efficient, less migraine-inducing way to increase the money you make from selling your work to shops (without working so hard you get mistaken for a Ringwraith.)

Let me tell you how it works.

When it comes to suppliers, shopkeepers like me have thousands of options.

And every day we're offered more by artists like you.

So it's no wonder that indie retailers have a chronic case of shiny object syndrome. Industry figures show that only 33% of stores keep buying from a new supplier.

In other words, most of the retailers who could have placed another order with you...don't.

Clare Yuille

We get distracted, tempted away
or simply forget all about you.

And all of the time, money and effort you put into persuading us to buy your products in the first place goes up in smoke.

But you can change that, and you can start TODAY.

Because let's face it...

If you do nothing,
you're losing a lot of money.

33% is roughly three stores in ten.

So for every three retailers who keep placing orders, another seven drift away.

For every $3000 that lands in your bank account, another $7000 walks right out the door.

But you’ve already put in extensive work pitching to those stores, so the industry average doesn’t really cover it.

If we add in your hourly rate for all your wasted time and effort, the loss is even higher.

It totally sucks.

So think about this.

What would happen if more of your buyers stuck around?

What would happen if you became not just another option, but their

Their only option.

The one your retailers don’t even have to think about because they’re already sold.

How much would your wholesale income change if your retailers trusted you so much that they were always willing to buy?

When you're totting up your annual sales next New Year's Eve, what would that do to your bottom line?

Let me guess.

Eggnog margaritas all round?

YOU can control how many
wholesale orders you receive.

If you want a stable, predictable wholesale income you don't have to rely on luck.

You can decide how quickly wholesale orders come in, and when.

Remember I said you can set up a system - one that makes retailers WANT to come back and spend more money with you?

That system has four simple stages.



The buyer discovers (or rediscovers) you.


The buyer finds out more about you.


The buyer starts to want what you offer.


The buyer is ready to give you money.

The BEST part?
If you've got stockists,
you've already aced every one of these stages.

You may not have realised it at the time, but if you've got even one store buying your work, you've used this system to make money.

  • First you got them to notice you.

  • Then you got them interested in what you do.

  • Then you got them to want what you offer.

  • Then you got them to pay to have it on their shelves.

That's excellent work, but here's the problem.

Most artists, possibly you included, stop there.

They carefully guide a retailer through the four stages and bank that magical first order, then they put their feet up.

“Oh, that store knows about me now,” they think. “If they want to order again they know where I am.”

They don’t realise that, at that very moment, their stockist is being guided through the four stages by one of their competitors.

Your chance of receiving repeat orders
reduces every day,
unless you DO SOMETHING.

So here's how I'd like you to think about it.

Instead of a linear, one-way sales process, picture it as a sales cycle.

Yes, you’ve successfully walked your stockists down the path once, but every time they place an order you go back to the start again.

Getting regular, repeat business from indie retailers isn’t something you can set and forget.

You have to KEEP grabbing our attention, sparking our interest, fuelling our desire and inviting us to take action.

It’s a cycle that goes round and round.

But here's where things get
REALLY GOOD for you.

You’ve already done the hardest part – getting the retailer to give you money for the first time.

Persuading them to place a second or third order is MUCH easier, because they know and trust you a bit more.

And if you keep the cycle going, over time your stockists will become more and more willing to buy again and again.

Right up until you have all the
wholesale orders you want.

You just need to get those four key stages in place - and you have to set them up in the right way.

What works in the pre-buying phase, when a store is thinking about ordering from you for the very first time, is different from what works in the post-buying phase, when they're considering order number two, three or ninety five.

This flummoxes so many creative people.

How do you stay in regular contact with a retailer without going "Um, here's my catalogue again. Please buy something" in every single email?

What can you say to get them trusting you more and more, so they're primed to keep buying - without endlessly pitching?

(I can tell you.)

When you're starting out, you can be so busy keeping your business afloat that there's no time to think about this stuff, let alone take focused action.

But you can change that.

How to get the wholesale orders
you want, starting today

If you get your sales cycle set up, you will see dramatic improvements in each of those four key areas.

You'll get more attention from your retailers.

They'll show more interest in what you have to offer.

You'll notice a stronger desire for your products and they way you do things.

And they'll happily place and pay for more orders, more often.

To make those big improvements happen, you need to know...

The specific activities to work on in each of the four areas.

And which ones are most urgent for your particular business.

Now, if you'd like those orders
to come in as fast as possible...

I can help you.

I can teach you how to put together the “perfect” system for getting regular, repeat business from indie retailers.

The kind of system where all the moving parts are in the right place to ensure your stockists are placing as many orders as you can comfortably handle.

That doesn’t equal overnight success or mean you’ll be shopping for yachts this time next week. No-one can guarantee that.

But I can tell you how to set things up so you’re making the most money you can.

That's what Sell More, Stress Less is for. Here's what's inside.

clare talking
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I Can Have You On The Way To A Full Order Book
In 35 Days

Everything in this online program is completely do-able for any creative wholesale business, anywhere.

I’m not going to tell you to buy ads, master new technology or send your stockists promotional mouse pads.

You also don’t have to fire up the hype machine or do anything that makes you feel like a slimeball.

You'll simply learn how to ensure that more of your retailers' money comes to you now - and in the future.

How It Works

Sell More, Stress Less is a really easy class to take.

You don't have to turn up for anything "live." You simply download the materials, email me when you have questions and work at your own pace.

I recommend you tackle one lesson a week over five weeks, but you get the complete class as soon as you register. If you want to go faster (or slower,) you can.

Here's how it works:

  • Open up each lesson - inside you'll find audio and written versions and a set of worksheets.

  • All week, every week for five weeks, you can email me questions. Need advice on your unique situation? I'll get back to you with personalised suggestions and feedback.

Plus, I'm including these resources to make your next steps easy.

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Need help getting organised?
Use my Contact Planner.

Plan a whole year of emails to your retailers in just one hour (or less.)

Stay fresh in your retailers' minds while priming them to buy again.

No more scrambling to let your stockists know about a promotion or new items at the last minute.

No more wasting time wracking your brains for something (or anything) to say.

SMSL contact planner example
  • Year-at-a-glance planner.

  • Reasons to get in touch cheat sheet.

  • Monthly planning pages.

  • Screencast video on exactly how to use your planner for best results.

Need help with tech stuff?
Watch my step-by-step videos.

It's optional, but a little technical know-how can make some of the things we talk about in class, like staying in touch with your retailers, SO MUCH EASIER.

If you don't have tech skills, that's okay. I've put together a library of videos to show you exactly what to do.

All you have to do is watch me, pause the video and do the same on your screen.

how to video
  • Open a free Mailchimp account so you can start a trade-only mailing list.

  • Create and send an email to your mailing list.

  • Open a free Typeform account so you can easily send out questionnaires to your retailers and get valuable feedback.

Here's What's Waiting For You
Inside Sell More, Stress Less


Turning First Time Buyers Into Every Time Buyers

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In our first session we’ll break down how retailers decide which suppliers get their money.

As we go along, you’ll discover what you must have in place at each stage of the buying process if you want the orders to keep on coming.

Once you see how all the pieces fit together, you’ll map out what YOU, specifically, need to focus on (and in what order) so your stockists become more and more willing to continue buying your work.



Priming Your Buyers To Keep Coming Back

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This week you’ll learn to tailor what you offer so both new and existing stockists automatically see you as the kind of supplier they want to keep ordering from.

When you’re crystal clear on what makes your stockists say yes to another purchase, you can set things up so they’re never disappointed.

In other words, you’ll train your stockists to keep coming back.


Helping Your Buyers To Know, Like & Trust You

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After this session, you’ll be able to tell your stockists why they should buy from you instead of anyone else.

That doesn’t mean bragging or hard-selling.

It’s simply a matter of getting the right cues in place so your stockists come to the conclusion – on their own – that they’d be better off giving you money than not giving you money.


Giving Your Buyers More Opportunities To Buy

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In this session, you’ll discover how to talk to your stockists so when they’re ready to spend money, you’re top of their list.

We’ll also cover what to say (and how to say it) so you feel good and your stockists see making another order from you as a complete no-brainer.

And we'll break down all the different kinds of buying opportunities you can offer stores, with detailed advice on how and when to use each one.


Collaborating With Your Buyers For Fun & Profit

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After our final session, you’ll be equipped to team up with your stockists for profitable joint ventures like exhibitions, special events, exclusive products and limited editions.

When all the major components of your sales cycle are in excellent condition and humming along, you’ll be in the best position to pitch and execute a successful joint project.

Arrangements like these can quickly go south, so you’ll discover how to identify which stockists to collaborate with and how to pitch and develop your idea so you both get business-boosting results.

And you get 5 weeks of
priority email support from me.

I’m here to answer every question you have about putting what you learn into practice.

(For those beginning the class at a later date, you can pause your email support. Just drop me a line to set that up when you register.)

Need help fine-tuning a stockist questionnaire? Want a second opinion on a product knowledge email before you send it out to your retailers?

I'll personally take care of you, every step of the way.

Clare Yuille

Plus delightful BONUSES!

What To Say To Shopkeepers

The 103 Word-For-Word Template Scripts You Need
To Build A Successful Wholesale Business 

My What To Say To Shopkeepers bundle contains fill-in-the-blanks scripts for everything from everyday business to the trickiest conversations with retailers.

It's usually $97.

You get a copy for free when you register for Sell More, Stress Less.

  • 103 template scripts (plus an editable version) including...

  • Following up with a retailer you met at a trade show and turning their initial interest into an order (page 51.)

  • Handling common order problems, like when items are missing or have been damaged in transit (page 14.)

  • Telling a store that your wholesale prices are about to go up (page 61.)

  • And 100 more.

What To Say To Shopkeepers Ipad

30 Minute Buyers' Pack Review

So You Don't Have To Struggle With This Stuff By Yourself Any More 

We'll get on the phone for a private consulting call. Bring your worries, dilemmas and questions and I'll give you feedback and suggestions.

30 minutes on the phone with me is usually $100.

You get it for free when you register for Sell More, Stress Less.

  • Book a time for us to chat in your local time zone, then I'll give you a ring via phone or Skype.

  • I'll give you feedback on your catalogue, line sheet, website, pitch email or anything else you need help with.

  • Ask me anything, then get your downloadable recording of our conversation for a hassle-free refresher.

  • You have 18 months to use your consulting call.

clare talking

Here's everything you're about to get when you register for Sell More, Stress Less

sell more stress less ipad

5 Fluff-Free

smsl editable worksheets


smsl iphone

iTunes-Ready Recordings

SMSL contact planner example

Contact Planner

SMSL printable worksheets


how to video

Tech Videos


What To Say To

103 scripts to build your wholesale business, usually $97.

5 Weeks Of Email Support

For when you have a question or need a second opinion.

A One-to-One Consulting Call.

which would usually cost $100.

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Clare WRW final

What To Say To Shopkeepers

103 word-for-word scripts to build your wholesale business, usually $97.

5 Weeks Of Email Support

For when you have question or need a second opinion.

A One-to-One Consulting Call.

which would usually cost $100.

Get On Track For A Stable, Predictable
Wholesale Income In Just 35 Days

Join me for Sell More, Stress Less and we'll do it together.

If you're ready to register right now, just click the button below to secure your spot.

If you'd like to hear more about the kind of support you'll get in this course, scroll down to hear from previous students.

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Get Sell More, Stress Less Now

Getting more repeat orders is accessible and affordable.

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You're covered by the
Indie Retail Academy Guarantee

Give Sell More, Stress Less an honest try. The fact is if you do the work, you'll get results.

But if you're not making progress, and feeling noticeably better about getting repeat orders, within 30 days, I don't want your money. Send me an email and I'll issue you with a full refund. No hoops to jump through, no homework to hand in.

A few words from
Sell More, Stress Less students.

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Get Sell More, Stress Less Now

Getting more repeat orders is accessible and affordable.

Was $297, Last Sale Price $177

Some things are forever. The Last Sale is not.

Save 40% and get Sell More, Stress Less now.