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In this section of the Knowledge Hub we'll talk about how you and your wholesale business affect (and are affected by) the world around you.

Maybe you enjoy giving a few special people a discount because it feels like paying them back for their support.

We understand money has the power to hurt or heal and want to make an informed choice about who we buy from.

This pattern has been repeated in studies of car showrooms, apartment rental ads and many more areas of life.

I asked makers in my community to help  compile a list of suppliers they use and recommend.

Creative people need support because to make art is to make yourself vulnerable – sometimes excruciatingly so.

Buyers of all kinds want to know where sellers stand on issues of environmental impact, diversity and inclusion.

You were supposed to pick The One Thing to do in life, but you picked enough to fill a wheelbarrow.

You’ve been trained to believe that "success" looks a certain way, but you're actually already there.

During lockdown, a herd of 122 wild goats with came down from the hills and roamed the streets of Llandudno.

We’ll have to talk quietly because your brain is trying very hard to keep you safe and it has excellent hearing.

I think you’re learning that the price of loving what you do is having to love what you do.