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Mates Rates: Should You Give Friends And Family A Discount?

Yes, no and maybe

Do you give your friends and family a “mates rates” discount on your products? Maybe you feel like you have to but you’d rather not.

Or maybe you enjoy giving a few special people mates rates. Perhaps it feels like a way of paying them back for their support.

I asked the makers in my Sell Like An Artist community for their take on this. Here are their thoughts.

I think mates should pay more. When friends and family want to support you, they should do so by adding extra, not taking away. Mates rates, plus 10%, I say.


It depends on their attitude. If people are kind I very often discount or do small jobs for free or they can owe me a small favour some other time. If people act entitled or pressure me, they can pay double!


Yes, I offer mates rates because these mates are also my biggest supporters.


Good friends shouldn’t expect discounts if they value your business and skill. I tend to trade with people rather than take money off.


I see it as advertising. I usually give mates rates because I know they will advertise for me – talk about what they’ve bought and spread the word. It’s part of my advertising budget, so to speak.


Yes, I give a big discount. Friends and family get wholesale prices. They are some of our biggest advocates.


I give them something extra instead. I often put another thing into parcels for friends. They’re my biggest supporters and I prefer to surprise them with an extra pressie than talk money.


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