Line Sheets & Catalogues

The articles in this section of the Knowledge Hub talk about how to present your work to retailers in the most professional, persuasive way.

Your line sheet tells a retailer HOW to buy your stuff. Your catalogue tells them WHY THEY SHOULD.

They'll give you a paper cut so deep your grandchildren will ask why you wear that eye patch and walk with a limp.

Sometimes you want to freshen up your existing wholesale catalogue without starting from scratch.

Moments like that don’t come along very often, no matter how much gingko biloba you toss in your smoothie.

Digital catalogues look similar to printed catalogues, except they’re made of pixels instead of paper.

Whether you decide to have a printed catalogue or not, here's a way to mine them for inspiration.

So far you’ve whipped us into a frenzy. You’ve engaged our emotions and we're starting to get that “Yes!” feeling.

Holly Booth is professional product photographer who works with makers, designers and crafters around the world.

A vintage carafe, a postcard of a scary painting by Egon Schiele and “The Cherry Orchard” in the original Russian.

Unlike a string of numbers, an SKU is an easy way to identify items which belong in the same group.

Regardless of the job title you prefer, if we’re giving you money in exchange for merchandise, you’re our supplier.

Most of this stuff goes in a terms and conditions page at the back, but it can be smart to share some of it earlier.

Unlike a string of numbers, an SKU is an easy way to identify items which belong in the same group.

“Honestly, I don’t get why I need to make a wholesale catalogue in order to sell my work to shops."

You and the lovely thing you make have starring roles in your catalogue, but the retailer is the hero.

When it comes to catalogues, retailers aren’t actually looking for fancy - we're looking for safe.

It’s so easy to airily declare “my goal is to create my own wholesale catalogue,” but that’s not the whole truth.

A simple line sheet can only get you so far. A proper wholesale catalogue is the ultimate showcase for your work.