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How To Set Your Damages And Returns Policies

Because life isn't perfect

Sometimes things go wrong.

You’ll accidentally put a less-than-perfect item into a retailer’s order or a delivery guy will drop a plasma TV on top of your beautifully packed box.

Your stockists need to know what happens next.

Before you draw up your damages and returns policies, be clear about what the law requires in your part of the world.

Also find out what recourse you have if your work is damaged or lost in transit. Read your delivery company’s fine print so you know what’s involved in making a claim.

Finally, and with careful reference to these first two points, decide what you’re willing to offer. What feels like a strong, kind and professional damages policy to you?

As ever, it’s important to consult a legal professional on your specific situation, but here’s an example of the kind of wording you might use:

“I make every effort to provide you with the best products and service and I hope you’ll be completely satisfied with your order. We all know, however, that life isn’t perfect and occasionally things go wrong. If you receive an item that’s faulty or has been damaged in transit, please let me know by email within _____ days of delivery and I’ll tell you the next steps.

Where a return has been agreed with me and the item cannot be replaced, the original cost will be either refunded or credited to your account at my discretion. The cost of returning a faulty or damaged item to me will also be reimbursed.”

Your damages and returns policy belongs at the back of your wholesale catalogue. See an example of a terms and conditions page in my Canva catalogue template right here.

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