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How To Make Money From The Questions Customers Ask You

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Here’s an easy way to make more money from your business:

Pay attention to the questions customers ask…

Then set things up so they don’t have to ask you, because the answer is so completely obvious the question never crosses their minds.

If people are always asking “Is this soap safe for sensitive skin?” or “Can this necklace be engraved?” you need to add an FAQ in your website footer.

You need to take another pass at your product descriptions and categories.

You need to write a bunch of blog posts where you talk about your ingredients and process.

You need testimonials from customers with sensitive skin or really long names.

Unanswered questions are friction points.

Your potential customer is in a quandary but asking you is a hassle. They have to find your contact details, formulate their question then wait for a response. For many people that’s just too much trouble, especially when they can easily buy a similar item from another seller.

Smooth out those rough spots so sales can glide into your inbox.

You don’t have to be perfect to get great results from this!

Even if you only do a 50% job of answering your customers’ questions in these ways, you’ll STILL be more attractive to buyers than you are today.

Fix things up even more by…

Paying attention to what customers are buying.

They’re routinely ordering ten separate greetings cards at once? Maybe you should offer a ready made bundle of ten.

They often pick up a chocolate lip balm along with your chocolate hand cream? Maybe you should get some ribbon, spend a hour making a new label and turn those two products into a gift set.

Your customers are always telling you how to serve them better. Why not take the hint?

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