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How To Write A Snappy Description Of What You Do

With 20 examples to get you going

A snappy description is a multipurpose sentence that helps you sell your stuff.

You can use it in your Approaching Stores emails, as a headline, on your About Page and as a tagline. It’s your all-purpose friend because it succinctly tells people two important things: what you make and who you make it for.

Artists expend thousands of words trying to explain those two things and I am 100% here for that. Buy me a margarita and I’ll listen to you talk about your work for hours.

But most potential buyers are very much NOT here for that kind of exposition and will click away from your website or close your pitch email if you try it.

So put one of these little chaps in your pocket.

As we’ll see in the script breakdown a little further in, they come in handy.

Twenty examples are below, but remember that this isn’t a one-and done kind of deal. You can have as many snappy descriptions as you like.

A very short one for your social media bios, perhaps, and a longer one for your website.

Or a snappy description that covers one strand of your work, and another for something new you’re trying. Snappy descriptions truly are the mustard-coloured high heels of your copywriting wardrobe. They go with everything.

Here’s your template. Keep or cut the “I make” part depending on the context.

[I make] [what you make] for [who you make it for.]

– I make heirloom quality outerwear for people who love shopping every decade.

– I make radically inclusive jewellery for people who forge their own path.

– I make homeware for people who believe happiness has four legs and a waggy tail.

– I make affectionately snarky greetings cards for people who enjoy sarcasm.

– I make typographic prints for people who’ve never met a letter they didn’t like.

– Gender-neutral baby bathrobes for people who know snuggles come in every colour.

– Sustainable water bottles for people saying goodbye to throwaway culture and hello to mindful living.

– Houseplants for people who think a thriving monstera is a design classic.

– Office objects for stationery obssessives.

– Kitchenware for people who love the countryside, but don’t love chintz.

– Literary birthday cards for people whose best friends are books.

– Vibrant wall hangings for people who love colour.

– Clothing for kids who like to go up the slide.

– Cashmere blankets for people who think hibernating is a solid lifestyle choice.

– Statement hair scarves for people who hate to blend in.

– Loungewear and lingerie for women who love comfort.

– Temporary tattoos for people who know a little self-care adds up to big results.

– Modern lockets for people who want their loved ones close to their heart.

– Aromatherapy balms for people who know that sometimes you have to give yourself a hug.

– Leather mousepads for people who think browsing should be a breeze.

This is an excerpt from the Approaching Stores scripts pack.

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