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Here’s A Selling Mistake To Avoid

You just don't know when to quit.

Written by Clare

You’re wrong about something and it’s holding you back.

(It’s also making you think you suck, which simply isn’t true.)


Want to know what it is?

When it comes to persuading people to take the actions you want (like buying your lovely thing,) you think you know how much effort and time is “enough.”

You think you know when it’s time to quit.

But you don’t.

I see this sometimes with clients. We work on their pitch email, for example, and they leave our session feeling full of purpose and enthusiasm.

A week later I get a forlorn email saying “Feeling a bit low. I sent my pitch to three stores. Haven’t heard anything back yet.”

Well, of course you haven’t.

It’s been a week and it was three stores.

But what might happen if you sent that pitch (personalised to each individual retailer, of course) to five stores every week for the next three months?

The odds are that someone, maybe several someones, will say “Yes!”

It works in other areas too.

Instead of sending two newsletters to your mailing list in 2021, what if you sent fifty-two?

Instead of creating one blog post a month, what if you wrote and shared four?

Your results would be different, right?

Pamela Slim calls this the 20x rule. It means assuming that it’ll take twenty times more outreach and effort to meet your goal than you think it should.

Because, really, how the heck could you even know?

You’re not your customer.

You can’t use other people’s results as a guide because their situation is fundamentally different to yours.

And you’ve probably never done this before.

So how *could* you magically just know what’s enough?

You can’t. So accept it.

Expect things to take much longer, and be more effortful, than you think they should be…and do them anyway.

If you do, I guarantee you’ll hear “Yes!” a lot more often next year.

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Hello, I'm Clare Holliday. I'm a shopkeeper who's helped thousands of creative people sell their work to stores, galleries and regular customers all over the world. Now it's your turn.

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