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Imagine if you could dramatically increase your income by selling your work to shops.

Imagine if you could do that without a lot of pride-swallowing, fear-conquering or slogging your way through a swamp of boring jargon.

No pounding heart when you pitch your work to a store. No dry mouth when a retailer asks for your terms and conditions. No knots in your stomach because shopkeepers make one order then never come back.

I’m Clare Yuille and I’m an indie retailer and wholesale coach for creative people.

I take away the eeeek! and replace it with aaaah.

I offer a straight-talking, artist-centred approach to wholesale.

I won’t sell you some cookie-cutter formula, bombard you with buzz-words or teach you flashy sales techniques.

When we work together, through one-to-one coaching, my online classes or my free starter kit, I begin with you. Your unique circumstances, the lovely thing you make and your particular needs, problems, dilemmas, headaches, hopes and dreams. Then I answer the questions you need answered so shopkeepers like me become more and more willing to buy from you.

My method certainly gets results.

I've helped hundreds of artists sell their work to shops.

From fashion designers to furniture makers, in the UK, the US and around the world.

Indie Retail student achievements include:

Selling to indie stores and galleries Doubling their number of wholesale accounts Pitching at Liberty’s Open Call Raising their prices without scaring away their stockists Designing an online shop for wholesale buyers Collaborating with Anthropologie on surface design Negotiating a more profitable split on sale or return Ditching sale or return completely and getting paid upfront Exhibiting at prestigious trade shows Rekindling their relationship with former stockists after taking a break Getting repeat orders and a much longed-for sense of security.

The artists I work with tell me I have a kind, funny, down-to-earth approach that takes the fear out of wholesale.

One says she hears me whispering encouraging things in her ear when she’s about to do something challenging. A few have asked if I can read minds.

I can’t, but I do know where you’re coming from. I’m the person you call when you want someone to break wholesale down and make it feel do-able. When you want to be confident you’ve got the best chance of success. When you want to find and fix the places where you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

Because when you know all that, you can get on with making a living from doing what you love.


What's it like to work together?

Well, here are some things I won't do.

I won’t act like you should magically already know how to sell your work.

I’ve worked with hundreds of creative people from around the world and believe me, they’re not teaching this stuff in art school. Or normal school for that matter.

If things like pricing and pitching make you shudder, I won’t tell you to get over it. Selling your work to shops is a big step and it’s natural to be apprehensive. The fear doesn’t get to run your business, though.

And I won’t assume it’s okay for success to take its sweet time. I’ll help you build a sustainable wholesale business in the long term, but let’s also get some cash flowing into your bank account right now, shall we? I believe artists deserve to get paid, because I’m an artist, too.

As well as owning Merry + Bright, an award-winning gifts and fashion boutique in the Scottish Borders, I’m a professional actor working in theatre and television.

Ready to get started?

If working with me sounds good, please drop me a line.

Then we’ll set about making wholesale work for you.

With every warm wish for your success,


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