Raise Your Prices, Without Scaring Away Customers.

I'll walk you through it, step by step

Raise Your Prices, Without Scaring Away Customers.

I'll walk you through it, step by step.

Raise Your Prices,
Without Scaring Your Customers.

I'll walk you through it, step by step.

Are you making a comfortable living from selling your work?

If you’re an artist, maker or designer, the answer is probably “No.”


If you're not earning the money you want, there's a simple process you can use to turn your money situation around - once and for all.

If you're sick of working for pennies...

If you're constantly stressed about paying bills...

If you're tired of being busy all the time with little to show for it...

It's time to give yourself a raise.

I have some very, VERY good news.

pen no shadow

Most artists can charge MORE than they think they can.

Setting a higher price for your work, and finding customers who are delighted to pay it, isn't nearly as hard as you think.

Every year I see clients go from barely-scraping-by to comfortable and thriving, and it's not because they're keeping a leprechaun in a crate underneath their desk.

Luck has nothing to do with it.

And the answer isn't working harder than you ever have before.

So how do creative people get their money breakthrough?

And how can you do it, too?

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It's time to PUT YOUR PRICES UP.

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Increasing your prices is the fastest, most effective way to increase profit.

It's true. Over the course of a year, even a small price rise can boost your bottom line by thousands.

How does that change your daily life?

Well, imagine this is a snapshot of your business as it stands today:

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Stats before increasing prices

Your Status Quo

You're Earning $2640 Each Month

Now let's see what happens when you raise your prices a little.

Raise Wholesale Price By 5%

Make $132 More Each Month

That could cover your travel costs, plus a few of those fancy lattes you like.

Raise Wholesale Price By 10%

Make $264 More Each Month

That could cover your phone bill (plus a pizza or two.)

Raise Wholesale Price By 15%

Make $4700 More Each Year

Move to a better studio, invest in a new website - what could you do with that much extra?

If small changes like these can make you SO much more comfortable,

Wouldn't you love to confidently
put your prices up TODAY?

So why haven't you already done it?

Are these pricing myths holding you back?

  • The market sets the price. I have no control over what people will pay. NOPE. There's a lot you can do to influence the value buyers perceive in your work.

  • I have to charge exactly the same as my competitors. NOPE. Raising prices helps you distinguish yourself from the pack.

  • My stuff has to be "affordable." NOPE. If you make a handmade item, you simply can't compete on price with mass-market producers.

  • Rising costs are squeezing my profit margin, but I'm not allowed to pass that expense on to my customers. NOPE. You absolutely can.

  • Finally getting to grips with pricing will make me feel bored or uncomfortable. NOPE. Learning about this stuff can be exhilarating.

  • If I raise my prices, all my customers will leave me. NOPE. You might lose some low-quality customers, but you'll keep the high-quality ones - and attract more of them.

Look, the reason you don't earn the money you want is:

You don't understand
what your product is worth to your customers.

You don't have a handle on the value they see in it - or what price they're willing to pay to have your lovely thing in their lives.

Money isn't actually the problem here.

The problem is you're not kitted out to price your work. No-one's ever taught you to see it in the way buyers do.

So you're just bumping along - trying to cover your costs, keep up with your competitors and hoping that, somehow, there might be enough money left over for you.

But once you know
how to price your work,
making money is SO MUCH EASIER.

pen no shadow

Here's the three-step process I go through with clients:

Learn to see the value in your work that buyers do.

Boost that value so you can relax about charging more.

Communicate the value so buyers think the price makes sense.

It's simple, reassuring and it can really change things for you.

Imagine what it would feel like
to make more money ALL THE TIME.

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We all love a surprise windfall. A tax rebate. A winning scratch card. Heck, even finding a forgotten banknote in your coat pocket is a thrill.

But instead of a one-off bonus, how would a permanent increase change things for you?

Going on holiday, getting out of debt, building up savings, buying a new computer, hiring an assistant...

Having more money allows you to do the things you're dreaming of.

But the truth is that if you work for yourself, no-one’s going to suddenly decide that you deserve a raise.

Your customers and stockists are never going to knock on your door and say “Look, we think you should put your prices up.” It’s just not going to happen.

YOU have to decide
it’s time.

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Catherine Fotheringham

"So much in 'Give Yourself a Raise' is resonating with me - it's a revelation! Although it scares me to think about raising my prices, I know my products are high quality and they deserve a price that reflects that."

Catherine Fotheringham, Furniture Designer

I'm excited to introduce you to

Give Yourself
A Raise

How to confidently raise your prices so you make a comfortable living, and STILL have buyers nodding, smiling and opening their wallets.


100% Guaranteed Or I'll Buy It Back
Give Yourself A Raise

At last, a guide to pricing your work that's as simple as  humanly possible.

When you download it today, you'll learn exactly what you need to do to start building a more prosperous future - no matter where you're starting from.

Here's what's inside:


How To Tell If It's Time To Raise Your Prices

Give Yourself A Raise

12 undeniable signs that it's time to increase your prices.

Overcoming worries about raising your prices.

Why you don't have to be scared of buyers saying "Who do you think you are?" in response to a price increase.

What to do if existing customers ask if they can keep paying your old prices.

Why it's COMPLETELY OKAY if some buyers leave you when you raise your prices, and not something to freak out about.

The kind of price you should be charging, and three guiding principles to make sure you're fully prepared for an increase.


What No-one Ever Tells You About Pricing

Give Yourself A Raise

Why you're already a pricing expert, even if you think you're a total rookie.

The simple thing that's missing from price labels (when you know about this, everything is SO MUCH CLEARER.)

When you get right down to it, what IS a price?

How buyers perceive value, and the big secret about what makes them decide to buy.

Your value-markers and how to boost the living daylights out each one (so you can relax about charging more.)


Using Buyer Psychology To Price Your Work

Give Yourself A Raise

Anchoring and two ways to use it in organising and creating collections.

Reframing- a simple way to reduce the emotional pain of a price rise for buyers, while providing more value.

Charm pricing and other ways to use numbers and symbols - and how to choose the right approach for your business.

Personalisation - an easy way to make retailers think that whatever you charge, you're worth it.

Tips, best practices and examples for every strategy.



How To Raise Your Specific Prices

Give Yourself A Raise

Why you're probably UNDER-charging right now, but how to be sure you're not OVER-charging. 

Price ceilings in your industry - how to work with them, how to work around them. 

How to choose which prices to raise first (you don't have to tackle them all at once,) and when to make changes.

A word-for-word script to tell your buyers about a price rise in a calm, confident way.

Why you should NEVER justify your prices, and five other common pricing mistakes to avoid. 


Anna Watkins

"Really good information and value. I love that Give Yourself A Raise is on audio too as I listen while painting in my studio or driving. Keep up the good work and for those of you still undecided - go for it."

Anna Watkins, Painter

Here's everything you're about to
have at your fingertips.

Give Yourself A Raise

Simple, Practical Lessons

This training is fluff-free, down to earth and completely self-paced.

No Unnecessary Maths

No jargon, no pointless calculations. Just what you need to know.

High Quality Audio Recording

So you can listen and learn in the car, studio or wherever you choose.

Anti-Overwhelm Structure

Bite-size sections keep your energy up and allow you to dip in and out.

Editable & Printable Worksheets

Kick around ideas from the class, explore your options and try things out.

Guides You From Thinking To Doing

Because thinking is important, but so is taking action.

Here's everything you're about to
have at your fingertips.

Give Yourself A Raise

Simple, Practical Lessons

This training is fluff-free and down to earth.

No Jargon

No pointless calculations. Just what you need to know.

Audio Version

So you can listen and learn in the car, studio or wherever you choose.

Step By Step

Bite-size sections keep your energy up and allow you to dip in and out.

Editable & Printable Worksheets

Kick around ideas and explore your options.

Help Taking Action

Thinking is important, but so is implementing what you've learned.

Plus, Three
Delicious Bonuses

I'm also giving you three time-saving, confidence-boosting bonuses to help you get the maximum benefit from this training.


100% Guaranteed Or I'll Buy It Back
Give Yourself A Raise

99 Smart & Fun Ways To Spend
Extra Money

Getting clear on what you'll do when your income goes up can be a great incentive to make changes. This little guide gives you 99 ideas.


  • Plenty of inspiration for the responsible part of your brain that wants you and your business to be safe and prosperous.

  • Plenty of inspiration for the pleasure-loving part of your brain that wants you (and the people you love) to enjoy the fruits of your labours.

wholesale price-1-cover

Mini Crash Course:
Working Out Your Wholesale Price

  • Video 1 tells you exactly what you need to know, and comes with worksheets and examples to get you feeling confident.

  • Video 2 covers three common wholesale pricing mistakes. Learn how to avoid them (and why.)


Mini Crash Course:
Overcoming Pricing Worries

  • Are your monsters saying that you can't raise your prices because your work "just isn't worth that much"? This bonus will help you understand and overcome those worries.

  • Watch whenever your monsters are acting up or you just need a little encouragement.


Get Give Yourself A Raise now

Price training that's specifically
designed for creative people.

Give Yourself A Raise

"What happens when I order?"

You'll be taken to a screen to confirm your order. You'll download your Give Yourself A Raise welcome pack. You'll open it up, click the link to your class portal, log in and get started. It all takes just a few minutes.

"Is there a lot of maths in this class?"

Nope. I know you don't want to be an accountant or an economist, and I'm not going to sit you down and lecture you on logarithms (or whatever crazy math nightmare you might be imagining.) There are a couple of places you might find a calculator helpful, but they're well into your worksheets.

Simple, Practical Lessons

Crystal Clear Audio Recording

Give Yourself A Raise

Editable & Printable Worksheets

3 Time-Saving Bonuses

"I'm not super confident around money..."

Give Yourself A Raise can absolutely work for you. I know how triggering this stuff can be for creative people so this is a gentle class. There's no jargon. I take you by the hand and walk you through every step. I'm not going to make you feel stupid or out of your depth. I appreciate that, for some artists, just showing up for this kind of training is an act of courage. I promise I'm going to take very good care of you - and help your money confidence grow.

"What formats do the materials come in?"

You'll receive the class as both a PDF and an audio recording, editable and printable worksheets, three short (and fun) videos, and another PDF for bonus #3. The materials are yours for life and you can work through them as often as you wish.

Give Yourself A Raise


Get Give Yourself A Raise now