Regular Orders

In this section of the Knowledge Hub we'll talk about making it easy and attractive for stores to order your products again and again, ideally for years to come.

Let’s talk about why, despite such a promising start, you haven’t received another order from this store.

Unless you know a shopkeeper personally, it’s hard to know what makes us tick. So you guess.

How not to find yourself squeezing a tube of sandwich spread straight into your mouth at 3am.

We were wrapping some exploding chocolate frogs for a customer and chatting about how long we’d been open.

Let’s talk about teaming up with your stockists on joint projects like exhibitions, live events, displays and limited editions.

It’s time to get your product, and your business, in the best possible shape - here’s how to do that, lickety-split.

You’ve got a highly giftable product when buyer look at your work and see the answer to their prayers.

If you use them wisely, offers and promotions get retailers excited about you and your work all over again.