"What if I'm
scared of selling?"

Do you need to be a born salesperson to sell your products to shops?

No, you really don't.

Most of the the artists I work with have fears around selling. That’s perfectly okay. It doesn’t stop you owning a thriving wholesale business, not at all.

But the worst thing you can do with fear is pretend it’s not there.

If you despise the idea of selling in any form that's obviously not going to fly, but if you simply feel uncomfortable and awkward and nervous about it, we can work with that.

There's actually a tool you can use that will do the selling for you, and you don't even have to be in the room. It means you don’t have to exhibit at trade shows, or do any face-to-face selling at all if you don’t want to.

You can be asleep or a thousand miles away and it'll still be working hard for you.

What is this magical tool?

It’s a persuasive wholesale catalogue. A simple PDF brochure that shows off your collection and tells retailers why and how to buy your work.

One big benefit of creating a persuasive catalogue is that your success is repeatable.

Once you understand the psychology behind it - including how to put all the components together (and why) - you can do it again and again. With a few simple tweaks, the same basic catalogue can generate wholesale orders over months and years.

Imagine how great that feels.

You have products to sell…

And you have a wholesale catalogue that persuades retailers to buy them.

So once you've reached out to a store and given them a good reason to open your catalogue, you don't have to worry about "selling" anything. You can relax and focus on what you love, whether that’s making, teaching, or simply serving your customers.

And all the while your catalogue is out there, working as hard for you as it possibly can.

You can use my ready-made template to create your catalogue, if you like - it’s specifically designed to appeal to independent shopkeepers.

And we can work on this together if that would be helpful to you. If you book an Advice Call, I’ll give you suggestions and feedback so you end up with a powerful showcase for the lovely thing you make - a catalogue that actually gets retailers excited about giving you money.

But look.

Of course you feel some fear around selling.

Most makers do. Expanding into wholesale will bring new challenges into your life and that’s scary.

The fear doesn’t get to run your business, though.

We can talk about it and work with it at your own pace, until you find ways of selling to shops that are comfortable for you.

Next up, let's find out what work you'd be doing in wholesale.