Courses for creative people
who want to earn more

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Courses for creative people who want to earn more

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Courses for creative people who want to earn more

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Build Your Foundations
For Selling To Shops

If you want to sell your work to shops, it's essential to start with the basics. Pricing, terms and conditions, pitching to stores...learn this stuff now, use it for years to come.


The perfect starting point if you're new to wholesale.

I'll walk you through how to get your first stockists, step by step. As we go you'll gain in confidence and become at home in the world of wholesale.

What Retailers Want is my most accessible intro for beginners, as well as a fantastic foundation program to work alongside other training.


Get your stuff
in front of buyers, fast.

When a retailer is interested in your products and wants to know more, you need to provide that information as fast as you can - AND come across as established and professional.

But what if you don't have a full-blown wholesale catalogue yet? I've got a quick and dirty solution for you (and it'll only take 20 minutes.)


Fix Your Weak Links

Once you've laid your foundations, you'll make the fastest progress by addressing your weakest areas. The programs below help you get your pricing and copywriting squared away.

Give Yourself
A Raise

How to put your prices up, without scaring away customers.

Product Description Repair Kit

How to talk about your products in a way that sells.

About Page
Repair Kit

How to talk about yourself in a way that sells.


Optimise Specific Areas

The programs below focus on developing and refining higher-level wholesale skills. Each one helps you optimise a specific area of your business, until you're making the kind money you want to make.

What To Say To Shopkeepers

103 fill-in-the-blanks scripts for confidently talking to retailers.

Create Your Own Catalogue

How to create a persuasive wholesale catalogue, step by step.

Sell More,
Stress Less

How to get retailers placing order after order.

The individual program pages above spell out most of the details, but if you need more info, I'm always here to help.

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Get Off To A Flying Start



Pick up three classes
and save $100

Let's get your new wholesale business set up, looking pro and making money - fast. Pick up three of my most useful classes in one big, income-boosting bundle and save 32% on the regular price.

Whichever Course You Take,
I've Got Your Back

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Brilliant Support

At Indie Retail Academy, "support" doesn't mean outsourcing your enquiry to a remote help desk where they know zip about wholesale. If you ever get stuck or have a question, you can easily send me a message. I'm here to help you get the maximum benefit from your training.

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100% Guaranteed

If you do the work, you will get results - guaranteed. With thousands of successful students, I'm extremely confident in my programs. Take 30 days to give it an honest go. If you don't make progress in that time, I'll cheerfully buy the training back in full. No hoops to jump through, no homework to hand in.

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Lifetime Updates

I update all my programs based on student feedback and what's new in wholesale. You don't have to do anything to receive the updates, and you'll never have to pay for the most recent version. These courses are yours for life.