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How to sell your work to shops - every step from just thinking about it to banking your first payment from a store.

  • Comprehensive training loved by thousands of artists in the US, UK and around the world.
  • Why there are only TWO types of retail buyer you ever need to think about.
  • How to make the buying decision effortless for retailers.
  • Template pitch emails and example documents included, $97.

Turn browsers into buyers with word-for-word writing templates that transform your website from meh to just one night.

  • 12 website writings template including 2 fully fleshed-out About Pages.
  • 3 ready-made blog post templates.
  • 5 opt-in form templates.
  • 30 headline templates with 150 examples of how to use them.
  • Dozens more plug-and-play examples and templates, $199.

Create a professional line sheet from scratch in just twenty minutes and get your products in front of retailers today.

  • Present your products to retailers on a simple, persuasive line sheet.
  • Incredibly easy and fast, even if you don't have tech or design skills.
  • Design a line sheet for single products, personalise it for specific buyers and show variants.
  • Custom Canva template and instruction videos, $47.

My 103 essential, word-for-word email scripts to sell your work, get paid, glide through tricky situations and make retailers love you.

  • Grow your business faster because you know exactly what to say to retailers.
  • Impress retailers and get them buying from you again and again - all you have to do is customise the template and hit send.
  • Scripts for everything from business-as-usual to the most awkward situations.
  • 103 scripts, plus bonuses, in PDF and Word formats, $97.

Get a persuasive wholesale catalogue that does the "hard work" of selling your product to stores, while you get on with other things.

  • Unique, custom-designed catalogue templates stuffed with features that make retailers excited to place an order.
  • ¬†Bring in the revenue you need, when you need it.
  • Learn how to make a persuasive catalogue now, benefit for years to come.
  • Downloadable workshop, Canva and InDesign templates, instructional videos, 60 minute private consulting call, $497.

Earn the money you want from wholesale, in the fastest way for YOU.

  • There's no need to stretch your finances for a trade show or resort to pushy sales techniques to make more money from wholesale.
  • Get more of your existing stockists placing more orders, more often.
  • Be well on your way to a full order book in 35 days.
  • Downloadable workshop and 30 minute consulting call, $297.

Talk about what you do in a way that gets customers excited about buying your work, even if you hate "selling yourself."

  • Use my simple, step-by-step process for writing a sales-boosting About Page.
  • Avoid 12 big mistakes that make people click away.
  • Tell your story in a way that turns visitors into BUYERS.
  • Downloadable workshop, $47.

Transform your product descriptions from ordinary to remarkable in a few hours, even if you're not a natural copywriter.

  • The buyer dilemma your descriptions must solve.
  • The two kinds of information buyers are looking for.
  • How to write powerful product descriptions without wasting time re-inventing the wheel.
  • Downloadable workshop, $47.

Raise your prices without scaring away all your customers and start making a comfortable living from selling your work.

  • See the value in your work that buyers do.
  • Boost that value in simple, easy ways so you can relax about charging more.
  • Communicate the value so buyers look at your prices and go "Yep, that makes sense."
  • Downloadable workshop and bonuses, $97.

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