Today, I’d like to show you how to get an immediate confidence boost.

No magic beans. No leprechauns.

All you need is a little bit of neuroscience and a guy in a gorilla suit. Come on, let me walk you through it.

We generally believe that we experience the world as it really is. This is very much not the case.

Right now, for example, as you read these words,

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Do you ever worry that you’re bad at selling?

Do you watch other people selling their stuff to stores, apparently without effort, and think “But WHY is this so hard for me?”

Have you ever wondered if there’s just something about you – something which makes it impossible for you to be good at selling? Like it’s just not in your DNA?

Then you’re normal.

Gloriously, perfectly normal. How you feel about selling is how most creative people feel about it.

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Your wholesale catalogue can make you a lot of money.

Unlike a line sheet which simply tells retailers how to buy your work, a catalogue tells them WHY THEY SHOULD.

A persuasive catalogue presents your products, and your credentials as a supplier, with confidence – even if you’re not the world’s greatest salesperson. It enables you to strike up a conversation with a retailer who’s never even heard of you before,

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If you want to sell your work to shops, the best time of year is coming up.

I want you to have the most profitable Christmas in wholesale you’ve ever had, so I made a month-by-month plan for you.

Here’s how it goes:


You’ll ask yourself “how much money would I like to make from selling my work to shops this Christmas?”

When you’ve written that figure down,

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You know what?

You should cut yourself some slack.

I mean it. Consider this a great big permission slip to ease up on yourself. And maybe have a hazelnut latte.

Look, you read Indie Retail Academy because you want to be a big, shiny wholesale success, right? You’ve looked around and decided you want to be just like that artist, or that one. Creative people who’ve clearly got it all figured out.

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