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Welcome to the first post in our Comfort Camp series! If you’re just tuning in, we’re talking about how to prepare for the next year of your business in a calm, restorative way.

That is, without shame, shouting or kale. Unless you like kale, in which case knock yourself out. Today we’re tackling the feeling that you’ll never succeed…  Read More

So let’s talk line sheets. This is something we’ve looked into before on Indie Retail Academy and it’s a big subject. But first, clear your mind.

Stop thinking about how much you like fish tacos and whether your car is haunted. Stop thinking that the disgraced banker on the news is actually kind of hot. Line sheets are shy creatures who crave order. If your head is full of noise they might be too scared to draw near…  Read More

Want to see some wholesale orders roll in today? Come on, let’s make you some money.There’s a thing you can easily do that: won’t cost you anything, won’t make you look or feel like a slimeball, and which will almost certainly result in cold hard cash immediately winging its way towards your bank account…  Read More

Maybe it’s the Mercury retrograde but I’ve got a feeling you might be having a tough week. I’ve had four emails from artists on the theme of “AAARGH” and it’s only Wednesday. So let’s see if there’s something we can do…  Read More

Some people think “wholesale” means cheap, discounted, commercial or unethical. Some people think the term “mark up” is a retailers’ euphemism for “I’m going to sell your product for seventeen times what I paid for it, take a quick dip in a bath of virgins’ blood then go to sleep on a mountain of fifty pound notes…”  Read More

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