Make more money and feel more confident.

A 30 minute review that shows YOU, personally, how to get better results when selling your work to shops.

What if you woke up tomorrow morning knowing exactly how to make retailers say "Yes"?

How many of your daily worries and sticking points would vanish if a real-life retailer told you, specifically, how to win more wholesale orders from stores.

No more wondering if you're on the right track.

No more trial and error.

No more going it alone.

(Holy cow, what would THAT be like?)

I'm about to show you how all kinds of artists, designers, makers and crafters are leaving behind the lonely path of figuring out wholesale by themselves and enjoying a great big windfall of one-to-one attention, income-boosting advice and confidence, in just 30 minutes.

Hi, we're Clare and Anthony.

We're award-winning shopkeepers and the founders of Indie Retail Academy.

We've helped over 20,000 creative people sell their work to shops.

Now it's your turn.

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Last year, we accidentally stumbled
on something creative people LOVE.

It was June and we were kicking around ideas on how to help our artists make more money from selling their work to shops at Christmas.

(Christmas starts horribly early for indie retailers. We're buying robin wrapping paper and snowmen baubles in March.)

Here's what we wanted to offer:

1. A zap of immediately actionable ideas.

2. Individual feedback.

3. Gold stars as well as pointers.

Ten minutes later, we invented
the Accelerator Session.

Here's how it works and what you get.

step one

You choose one thing for us to talk about.

There are three options - it can be your:

- Website
- Catalogue or Line Sheet
- Pitch Email

step two

You get a 30 minute video screencast.

We get your thing up on our screen and record ourselves talking through it, giving you our take on what's ace and what could be tweaked for better results.

Turns out artists really dig this kind of help.

We felt pleased, then scared, then pretty dumb about what happened next.

Our first round of Accelerator Sessions sold out in a day. We added some more slots and they sold out too.

We were pleased because we'd obviously hit on a style of teaching that creative people need.

We were scared because now we had dozens of Accelerator Sessions to record in what suddenly felt like a short space of time.

And we felt dumb because we simply hadn't realised how much our artists were craving this kind of one-to-one attention.

Seriously, take a look at some of the feedback we received from Accelerator Session alumni.

Jewellery Designer
"SO glad I splashed out on this! You guys are the best. Lots to think about but also lots to feel proud about. I definitely wouldn’t have got as far as I have without Indie Retail Academy."
"The highlight was having it personal to me. I struggle concentrating on general courses so having it tailored was perfect!"
Glass Artist
"Your ability to give constructive feedback in a way that doesn’t even pinch is magic, truly!"
michelle hunter
"Thank you both. Very good insight into my personality. I HATE selling, always have. I’ve heard what you’ve said and implemented it. Off I go."
Jewellery Designer
"Thank you for the kind words and clear suggestions – I was unable to see the forest for the trees, and it was beyond wonderful hearing you put things into perspective."
clare lipinski
Children's Resource Creator
"Wholesale is new to me and I'm getting myself set up. I wanted to stand out but wasn't quite sure how to go about that. This is exactly what I needed."
Jewellery Designer
"Clare and Anthony were kind and gentle, yet came up with amazing ways to improve my website. Everything they suggested was something I could easily do myself and was a step forward."
Pet Accessory Designer
"I loved your review. SO helpful, funny, kind, direct and supportive. Loved it. Thank you for your support and goodness."

Who are Accelerator Sessions good for?

Go through this checklist and note the items that apply to you.
At the end, we'll tell you if Accelerator Sessions are for you.

You want to make more money from wholesale.

You're frustrated with your current results.

You've run out of steam.

You've hit an income ceiling.

You wish you felt less anxious about selling.

You need to be on point for a trade show.

You could do with a confidence boost.

Did you check two or more boxes?

Then an Accelerator Session can absolutely work for your business - regardless of your industry.

Let's take a closer look at your three options.



Click below to watch a clip.

Website Accelerator Sessions offer a lot of bang for your buck.

Retailers will almost always check out your website before making a decision about stocking your work. It's a way of reassuring ourselves that you're professional, robust and everything that your pitch email and catalogue promised.

So if you choose this option for your Accelerator Session, we'll get your website up on our screen and talk about how to optimise it for wholesale buyers.

But here's where it gets really good.

Everything we suggest works like a charm on your regular customers too.

Every visitor who lands on your website is searching for proof that you can solve their problems and are therefore worth their time and money.

We'll take a spin through all your major website pages, especially your home page, about page and contact page, and make personal recommendations.


Line sheet or catalogue.

Click play to watch a clip.

A catalogue or line sheet Accelerator Session is about making retailers feel safe with you.

When we first get your catalogue or line sheet up on our screen, we'll ask ourselves whether your products are being shown off in the best possible light. Are your product photos doing a good job? Are you explaining who your work is for? We'll start with the basics.

Then we'll check to see if you're accidentally shooting yourself in the foot.

We've seen this take many forms, from formatting glitches to terrifyingly formal language in an artist's terms and conditions. We'll do a full sweep and show you how to fix the roadblocks that put retailers off buying your work TODAY.

Finally, we'll suggest some secret weapons we've gleaned from years of experience. Merchandising badges, scannable credentials, a confident How To Order page - we have many tricks up our sleeve to make your catalogue or line sheet more persuasive.


Pitch email.

Click below to watch a clip.

The goal of a pitch email Accelerator Session is to stack the odds in your favour.

We want to get the buyer interested enough to open up your line sheet or catalogue. If we can make that happen, you have a shot at unlocking months and years of wholesale orders from this store.

So the stakes are high. You have a very small window in which to grab their attention and that means every second counts.

We'll get your pitch email up on our screen and talk through it, line by line.

We'll get incredibly granular and look at your subject line (so important in getting your pitch email opened,) your greeting, your sign-off and your mail signature.

Then we'll analyse the main body of your email and check for common mistakes, like not actually asking to be considered as a supplier, and not showing you know something about the store.

Writing a pitch email can be excruciating for artists because there's so much you *could* say. We'll take the strain and make sure every word is working hard on your behalf.

What's it like to get hands-on coaching in an Accelerator Session?

Jewellery Designer
"WOW! I want to extend my biggest thanks to Clare and Anthony for my Accelerator Session!
Their insight and critique of my website was fabulous! I really needed their expertise. While loving their sweet and encouraging words, I also needed the improvements they suggested.
I'm so ready now to jump back into wholesale. Thank you! Thank you!"
Jewellery Designer
"HUUUUUGE thank you, Clare and Anthony, for my Accelerator Session catalogue review.
So much useful guidance. I'm so, so happy bought the session and would advise anybody to do the same if they become available again.
Worth every penny."
Glass Designer
"THANK YOU for this wonderfully helpful Accelerator Session!
After watching your feedback, I was infused with excitement and pride in my own business!
Thank you both so much for your kind words, helpful feedback and enthusiasm."
reVerra Catalogue 2019
"I was very nervous before I watched it! I was expecting to hear bad news, but was so flattered to hear lots of complimentary things about my wholesale catalogue. It gave me a really good confidence boost."
Surface Pattern Designer + Illustrator
"It was really useful. I totally agreed with everything you said and suggested. I made those changes and I'm a lot happier with my catalogue.
You guys definitely helped me see my brand through a buyer's eyes."

A simple, affordable session that makes
selling to shops SO MUCH EASIER.

Here's everything you need to know about
booking your Accelerator Session.

  • 12 Accelerator Sessions are available - these are the last slots available in 2019.

  • We start recording Accelerator Sessions on the 16th of September. The latest we'll deliver yours is on the final day of the month, but it's usually within 2 - 7 working days.

Accelerator Session ipad
  • You get a 30 minute video screencast review.

  • We can review your catalogue or line sheet, your pitch email or your website.

  • Sessions are recorded in the order they're booked, so if you want the fastest turnaround, book early.

  • You'll get instructions on how to send us your stuff when you book.

See how much easier wholesale can be when you have a little help.

Book now to get the personal attention and feedback you need
to make more money from selling your work to shops.

Frequently Asked Questions
(Plus, You Know, The Answers)

What do I have to do?

All you have to do is book your Accelerator Session and tell us which of the three options you want us to talk about.

You'll be directed to a special page which makes this super easy as soon as you complete your purchase.

You don't have to get on the phone with us or set aside any dedicated time because your Accelerator Session is pre-recorded. You tell us what you want us to review, we make a screencast video for you, we send it back and you get to work.

And you have access to your Accelerator Session video forever, which means you can refer to it as many times as you like.

Will this help me sell to major retailers?

Accelerator Sessions serve a particular niche of creative entrepreneurs very well, but it’s not for everyone. You won't hear about how to sell your work to big department stores or multiples, anything to do with licensing, sales reps, manufacturing or the magic formula for overnight wealth and success.

No leprechauns here, we're afraid. But if you want to learn how to sell to boutiques and galleries, Accelerator Sessions were made for you.

What kinds of artists benefit from Accelerator Sessions?

Stationery makers, ceramicists, illustrators, cosmetics and skin care makers, jewellery designers, glass makers, textile designers, pet accessory designers, personal safety entrepreneurs, teaching resource designers, leather workers, print makers and not-for-profit craft collectives have all used Accelerator Sessions to sell their work to shops.

If you make a handmade product, Accelerator Sessions are for you.

Does your feedback apply where I live?

Yes. There are Accelerator Sessions alumni in the UK, the US and Canada, South America, France, Australia and countries around the world.

You may have to make small adjustments to suit your industry and location, but the principles you'll learn are universal.

What results do Accelerator Sessions alumni typically achieve?

Accelerator Sessions alumni have seen an increase in visits to their website and visitors staying longer. They've been complimented on their catalogue at top trade shows, and they've won major stockists while also enjoying more interest from stores than ever before.

We can't guarantee any specific results, of course, but you'll definitely come away with clarity, confidence and a crystal clear to-do list of things to work on.

How soon will I have my Accelerator Session?

10 Accelerator Sessions are available each month.

Accelerator Sessions can be booked from the 1st to the 15th of each month.

We start recording on the 16th. The latest we'll deliver your Accelerator Session is on the final day of the month, but it's usually within 2 to 7 working days.

Can I ask questions for you to answer in my Accelerator Session?

Your Accelerator is Session is zap of immediately actionable ideas, not an exhaustive consulting session - 30 minutes of us talking about YOU, flatteringly of course, but with bolts of pragmatic advice that you can put into practice right away.

We can't answer questions on matters unrelated to thing you've chosen (your pitch email, catalogue or line sheet, or your website,) but you can absolutely highlight any particular areas of concern when you send us over your stuff. We'll weave our answers into your session.

What if I book an Accelerator Session but can't use it immediately?

Easy - you have 18 months to use your session. Just get in touch with us here, to let us know you're not ready yet, and drop us another line when you are.

What if I have a question that isn't covered here?

No problem. Get in touch with us here and we'll get back to you personally.

Skincare Collection Creators
"Our Accelerator Session allowed us to stop doubting ourselves and set us on a path that we're much more confident to march along!"
emma and aminah
Jewellery Designer
"Thank you for your review of my website! You are both brilliant! The suggestions you gave me are extremely helpful. I look forward to working with you more in the future."
Florist + Gift Designer
"Thank you! This is amazing. Such lovely feedback and so helpful."
Candle Maker
"Thank you, thank you! This was incredibly helpful feedback. We really appreciate you both!"

Ready for your wholesale tune-up?

Book now to get the personal attention and feedback you need
to make more money from selling your work to shops.