Retailers make up their minds in under 5 seconds.

I help you make every second count.

Let shopkeepers see your work through the eyes of its biggest fan - you.

Even the best salesperson on the planet can't beat your knowledge of the lovely thing you make. You know exactly how it's made, who it's for and all the ways in which it makes people happy...and your natural enthusiasm will soon have retailers imagining it on their shelves.

And when they have specific questions about your lead time or packaging, the answers are at your fingertips. A sales rep would hesitate, ask you about it later and lose that key moment of interest.

So instead of paying someone with less expertise to do the talking for you, why not use your knowledge to fill up your inbox (and your bank account) with wholesale orders?

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My Official Bio

Clare Yuille owns Merry + Bright, an award-winning lifestyle store in the Scottish Borders. She's also a wholesale consultant to hundreds of product-based creative businesses. Her clients and students work in all disciplines, from fashion to furniture, and range from start-ups to established suppliers with dozens of domestic and international stockists. Clare's been teaching artists to sell their work to shops since 2012.

Her clients' achievements include doubling their number of wholesale accounts, winning prestigious stockists such as The National Trust and Tate Modern, exhibiting at Maison Et Objet, Autumn Fair, NY Now, Top Drawer, BCTF and International Jewellery London, pitching at Liberty's Open Call and collaborating with Anthropologie on surface design.

She's spoken about selling to shops for The Design Trust, Maker's Biz, Folksy, the London Jewellery School, Emergents and Paperfest, and her programmes have helped over 10,000 artists sell their work to shops.

"I like learning through painstaking trial and error."


I believe the very best person to sell your work is you.

I believe that you already have the raw materials you need to get retailers (however many you want) saying "Yes!" to placing an order. Your creativity and drive can unlock a bustling wholesale business that actually takes care of you.

I also believe that you can make that happen. It's not something that's reserved for a few special, lucky artists  - YOU can do it too. Sure, there are hurdles to hop over, like low confidence, self-doubt and figuring out your way of doing things. And you need to understand what retailers want from you in the first place.

But when you discover how to overcome those obstacles, one step at a time, you'll open the door to the life and business you're longing for.

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Wholesale success really is possible for YOU.

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Attract retailers

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Retain retailers

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Delight retailers

There's a future version of you who has more money, confidence

and stockists than you can imagine at this point.

That's because you're still in the process of becoming that person. You're in the oven but you're not done yet. If you'd like the timer to ping sooner rather than later, I'm the person you call when you want wholesale to feel do-able. When you want to be sure you've got the best chance of success. When you want to find and fix the places where you're shooting yourself in the foot. We might even have a little fun while we're at it.

So make yourself at home. Take a look at the advice in my articles and wholesale starter kit. And definitely grab your free membership to our private facebook group. I'll see you there!

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