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A Zero-Effort Way To Feel More At Home In Your Business

The unexpected benefits of giving in

Life became a lot nicer for me when I realised my creative style = bed-head.

I don’t like things to be too perfect or finished.

This shows up in my window and shelf displays at Merry + Bright, the images in the Indie Retail Academy knowledge hub, and my actual hair. I can’t help it.

Things don’t look or feel right to me unless they’re slightly wrong.

I used to berate myself for this.

I thought my displays should be as perfect as Anthropologie’s. But when they were, I couldn’t seem to live with it. I had to go back in and undo something so I could sleep at night.

After five or six short years of haranguing myself and struggling to be different, I started to see that my window displays are actually pretty cool, even if (to me) they’re full of flaws that I wish I could do away with.

Instead of fighting my style, I learned to let it be. It’s a lot less effort and I’ve been surprised by how much more at home I feel in my store.

You can do the same with your business.

If there’s something you’ve been striving to change, ask yourself if there’s anything interesting or enjoyable about the way it is now.

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