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33 Curiosity-Sparking Titles You Can Steal Today

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Today I’m going to share 11 topic ideas and 33 template titles you can use in your content today.

Let’s dive straight in!

#1 – Answer microscopic questions.

Taking care of the tiny, weird or “silly” questions that your readers might have is a powerful way to position yourself as a true expert. It’s also generous and welcoming to people who’ve just found you.

If all you did in your newsletters or blog posts was answer tiny weird questions that people tend to have about your products and field of expertise, you’d have some really persuasive content on
your hands.

– The “Silly” Question Rookie Embroiderers Are Right To Ask

– Exactly How To Separate Floss In 3 Easy Steps

– No, You Can’t Just Use A Sewing Needle And Here’s Why.

#2 – Help your reader get more of something nice.

Show how to get more of the good things in life – pleasure, status, time, freedom or confidence – through your product.

– Throw Our Seedboms This Specific Way For Maximum Flowers

– 3 Seedboms To Add Oomph To Your Tablesetting

– The “Boring” Seedbom That Butterfly Fans Buy In Bulk

#3 – Help your reader get rid of something nasty.

Show readers how to reduce or eliminate painful, annoying or troublesome things.

– This Genius Trick Prevents Your Candles Burning Down So Fast

– Get Your First Burn Right To Stop This Candle Complaint

– 3 Steps To Eliminating Buyers’ Remorse When Shopping For Candles

#4 – Be straight with your reader.

Levelling with your reader is a way to earn trust. Being willing to talk about what others leave out or gloss over, especially when you do it using easily understandable language, is very attractive.

– Real Talk: Some Temporary Tattoos Could Harm Your Skin

– The Truth About Most Temporary Tattoos Might Shock You

– I’ll Say It. Here’s Why Most Temporary Tattoos Are A Waste Of Money

#4 – Share a personal struggle.

The story of a challenge you faced and overcame is is magnetically interesting to readers in the same situation.

A good general rule, however, is to talk about your scars – things that happened long ago and from which you’ve fully recovered – rather than painful things happening to you right now. (More on that here.)

And make sure to space these posts out. They can be intense to write and read.

– I Haven’t Told You The Real Reason I Make Soap (Until Now)

– A Little Glimpse Into My Own Eczema Journey

– True Story: I Started Making Soap Because I Was Desperate

#5 – Measure out a time period.

Choose an unusual unit of measurement and use it to tell the story of a certain period in your life or business. If you’re exhausted but still need to get some content out, this topic can be a lifesaver.

Keep it short and illustrate your article with photos, embedded videos or gifs.

– My Day In Cups Of Tea

– My Week In Kylie Minogue Songs

– The Story Of My Month In Sarcastic Pin Badges

#6 – Share why you don’t do something the way others do.

This kind of post or newsletter is helpful but can also sell a TON of products.

That’s because it showcases your point of difference (what makes you different from other makers who sell the same kind of lovely thing,) without being boastful or salesy.

– Most Printmakers Skip This Step But I Never, Ever Will

– I Don’t Sandpaper My Lino Blocks For Kind Of A Weird Reason

– This Forgotten Technique Is Why My Prints Are So Vibrant

#7 – Take a pledge.

A purchase is a vote for the kind of world you want to live in. Show customers what you stand for by making a pledge – of your own devising or as part of a wider movement.

You’re not doing this just to be likeable or sell stuff, but to sincerely express your beliefs and the specific actions you’re taking.

– Why (And How) I’m Taking The Design For Diversity Pledge

– We’re Protecting Bees With Our Biodiversity Pledge

– Join Me In Signing The Plastic-Free Pledge

#8 – Explain why something you offer is better.

You’re teaching your reader with this one. That’s helpful, for sure, but it’s also a nifty way to get hesitant potential buyers off the fence.

If they’ve been stuck in decision limbo because there are so many options, this post solves that problem.

– 7 Skin-Saving Reasons Solid Handcream Is Better Than Bottled

– My 8-Year Old Son On Why Bars Beat Jars (He’s Right)

– Solid Handcream Means You’ll Never Have To Worry About This Again

#9 – Help your reader get better results.

You know much more about your product and industry than your reader, so give them a helping hand.

– Power Up Your Nail Game With This 2 Minute Routine

– If You’re A Peelable Nail Polish Novice, Let Me Give You Tips

– How To Squeeeeeze The Maximum Benefit From Your Nail Oil

#10 – Help out beginners.

This post or newsletter is another way of demonstrating expertise. This time you’re taking newbies under your wing.

– Why Your First Crochet Hook Should Be Aluminium

– Trust Me, Your First Crochet Project Shouldn’t Be A Washcloth

– If You’re Looking To Learn Crochet, Your First Kit Must Contain This

#11 – You probably thought you couldn’t…

This post or newsletter is about shattering readers’ assumptions by revealing or explaining a pleasant truth.

They thought the world was one way, but it’s actually a different, better way and you’re here to help them enjoy it.

– You Probably Thought You Couldn’t Do Without Cotton Pads (But Now You Can)

– You Probably Thought You Couldn’t Afford Daily Face Massages, But They’re Built Into Our Bamboo Pads

– You Thought You Couldn’t Trust Washable Face Pads To Stay Clean, Didn’t You?

There you go – 33 titles you can shamelessly pilfer and use in your content right away. Go capture some eyeballs.

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