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3 Ways To Get Better Results From Your Website, Without Spending Any Money

Quick and easy glow-ups that work

Here are 3 quick and easy ways to get better results from your website without spending any money.

#1- Get a custom favicon.

You know the little picture that comes up in the tab when someone lands on your website? You can change that!

So many artists still have the box icon that comes with Squarespace websites, or the grid that comes with WordPress.

Make a new one that matches your branding for free in Canva (or any graphic design program you like,) then upload it to your website theme. This is really easy these days. Just google “add favicon to Squarespace,” or whichever platform you’re on, for a tutorial.

#2 – Create an FAQ page.

Even if visitors never open it, the very presence of an FAQ page suggests that you have enough customers to need one.

If you do get a ton of questions, creating this page will be easy.

If you don’t, include the obvious answers then look at the kinds of questions other sellers in your niche seem to receive. Add the answers to those questions to your FAQ.

And think broadly about what buyers might want to know. I recently bought an alarm clock from the US and suddenly thought “What if it doesn’t come with a UK plug?” I had to email the company to ask, when it would’ve been much easier and more reassuring to find the answer in their FAQ.

When your page is ready, make sure to link to it in your footer and from other pages on your website.

#3 – Add photos of your hands and tools.

Do you hate having your photo taken? That’s okay. As long as there’s at least one picture of your face on your website, you’re good.

But your hands and your tools probably aren’t so shy.

Customers who buy work by artists are FASCINATED by you and your process. They already see value in your kind of product or they’d be on Amazon right now. Reward their natural curiosity by letting them watch what you do because, to them, it’s a glimpse of magic.

Indie Retail Academy graduate and genius lampworker Julie Fountain is probably sick of me going on about her glass-making video but it’s a great example – take a look here.

You don’t have to shoot a video, though – just some extra photos of your hands and tools can do the trick on your home page, blog, about page and as supplementary images on product pages.

Getting better results from your website doesn’t have to mean a lengthy and eye-squinchingly expensive overhaul. Small tweaks here and there can add up to way more than the sum of their parts.

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