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3 Newsletters You Can Send Today, Based On The Cheese In Your Fridge

Get a newsletter out in less than 10 minutes

“I know I should send a newsletter to my list but I don’t know what to SAAAAAAAY.”

We’ve all wailed this into the ear of an uncaring universe.

But sending an email to your mailing list doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t have to take a geological age.

You could do it today, even.

Here are three newsletters to send today, based on the cheese that’s currently in your fridge.

Aged blue cheese

A “blast from the past” newsletter.

Take a “greatest hit” type blog post from your archive, paste it into your newsletter and hit send.

Not everyone on your list will have read your old post, especially if it’s from a long time ago, and people who have read it and are still on your list will probably enjoy reading it again.

Roasted garlic and cream cheese spread

A “curated cool stuff I found on the internet” newsletter.

Pull together a blend of 5-10 links for your subscribers to enjoy. Link to your own products at the end, but otherwise be their guide to what’s new or interesting on the internet.

Pick articles or videos based on a theme, or just share what you’ve been reading or watching lately.
This doesn’t have to be complicated.

Tofu gouda

An “ask a question” newsletter.

Plant-based cheeses exist because someone dared to do things another way. The first step in that creative process is asking a question.

You can directly ask your subscribers for their opinion on something. (“I’m redesigning my packaging. Help me decide between this prototype and this one?”)

Or ask and answer a question that your customers might be struggling with themselves. (“What kind of tarot deck should I buy if I’m a complete beginner?)

Be warned, though – if you ask a question, people are likely to reply. Maybe a lot of people. Make sure you’ve got the time and capacity to write back.

That’s 3 cheese-inspired newsletters to send today in 30 minutes or less. Use them to make something brie-lliant happen in your business.

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