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123 Email Sign-Offs To Show Your Personality

Because "best wishes" is boring

Your sign-off, the bit that goes before your name at the end of an email, is a golden opportunity to show personality in your emails to retailers (and everyone else.)

Digital communication has a deadening effect on how we talk to each other – that’s why we’ve had to invent emojis and gifs. All the uniqueness that used to be expressed through body language, tone of voice and handwriting is now compressed into pixels and bits.

And it’s often pretty boring.

An interesting sign-off is a way of proving there’s a real person behind the messages you send. Someone who’s a little weird or a little playful. Someone who refuses to be squashed.

So instead of ending your emails with Sincerely or Best Wishes, why not pick something new? Dare to be different and people will notice.

I’ll leave it to you to choose a sign-off that’s appropriate for your particular business. Some of the options below might be too out there for your audience, or maybe too tame.

You’ll know the right one when you find it, but don’t be scared to have a little fun.

You magnificent creature,
Big hugs,
Shake it like a polaroid picture,
Live long and prosper,
Thanks for being my favourite,
Thanks for your time,
Keep on keepin’ on,
Goodbye and good luck,
Tag, you’re it,
Wishing you success,
With every warm wish for your success,
With joy,
With pleasure,
Sent by carrier pigeon,
Your friend,
Your quotidian friend,
Confidently yours,
Until next time,
We named the dog Indiana,
Hope your day goes swimmingly,
Have a splendid day,
Your friendly printmaker / jewellery designer / ceramicist,
Your resident colour addict / bead fiend / bubble merchant,
May your day be full of coffee / hot chocolate / delights,
To infinity and beyond,
So long for now,
May the road rise to meet you,
Catch the moments as they fly,
Here’s to you,
All my thoughts,
Smeddum and joy,*
Wishing you the calm of a gliding swan,
Through thick and thin,
All good things to you,
Heart and mind,
Grace, warmth and resourcefulness,
You’re my multi-vitamin,
Bird-song at morning and star-shine at night,**
Step we gaily, on we go,***
May the sun always seek you,
Handbags and gladrags,
Be blithe,
Call me irresponsible,
Pure dead brilliant,
Towers of delight,
May you be as happy as a golden retriever / quokka / honey badger
Carpe diem,
Hey, ho!
To more life and less worry,
Iced mango slices,
Much jubilee,
Rock on,
At your service,
Doffing my cap to you,
High fives,
Yours from afar,
Take care – no, but really,
Best in show,
Yours in 100% irreverence,
Signing off from the studio,
Your pal,
All the feels,
Let the games begin,
Avengers assemble,
Doing the write thing,
A pinch of magic,
May you have all you want and wish for,
Nugifrivolously yours****
Excitement levels rising,
Pass the mustard,
Keep well, cheerful, happy,
Peace out brussel sprout / girl scout
Have a grand day,
Wild jamborees,
Not all those who wander are lost,
With hope in my heart,
Peace and contentment,
Thank dog for spellcheck,
You have chosen wisely,
May your days be filled with sunshine,
Adventure awaits,
Never forget you are amazing,
Dream big,
Fly high butterfly,
Follow your rainbow,
From my heart to yours,
Good times,
Goodbye, farewell, ciao,
Adieu, so long, toodle-oo,
Happy days,
Happy you exist,
Here for you,
Hugs, kisses and best wishes,
Joy to your world,
Joyful smiles from across the miles,
Kindness always,
Never stop exploring,
Onwards and upwards,
Positive thoughts,
Run free,
Shine bright,
Showering you in thanks,
So long for now,
Thanks for all you do,
To the moon and back,
Two scoops are better than one,
Good vibes,
And relax,

* Smeddum is a Scots word meaning energy, spirit, mettle or gumption.

** “Bird-song at morning and star-shine at night” is from the poem I Will Make You Brooches by Robert Louis Stevenson.

*** “Step we gaily, on we go” is from the song Mairi’s Wedding by Hugh Robertson

**** Nugifrivolous means obssessing over trifles or unimportant things.

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