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Wholesale, explained.

I'm an indie retailer. Every year I spend thousands on stock from creative businesses like yours. Ever wish you could sit down with a shopkeeper and say "Look, what do I have to do to get (or keep) your business?"
I can tell you.

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Wholesale Success Tips

Nobody Talks About This

You know what?

You should cut yourself some slack.

I mean it. Consider this a great big permission slip to ease up on yourself. And maybe have a hazelnut latte.

Look, you read Indie Retail Academy because you want to be a big, shiny wholesale success, right? You’ve looked around and decided you want to be just like that artist, or that one. Creative people who’ve clearly got it all figured out.

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wholesale line sheet example

How To Create A Line Sheet That Makes Selling Easy

Before we go any further, if you’re interested in line sheets I have a free guide for you. It’s called Line Sheets – A Straightforward Guide For Total Beginners. Click here to grab your copy.

Now, let’s talk line sheets. This is something we’ve looked into before on Indie Retail Academy and it’s a big subject.

But first, clear your mind.

Stop thinking about how much you like fish tacos and whether your car is haunted.

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wholesale pricing retail

Pricing For Wholesale And Retail

When I created my wholesale starter kit, I realised that two words cause creative people a great deal of anxiety: wholesale and mark up.

Some people think “wholesale” means cheap, discounted, commercial or unethical.

Some people think “mark up” is a euphemism for “I’m going to sell your product for twenty times what I paid for it, take a quick dip in a bath of virgins’ blood then go to sleep on a mountain of fifty pound notes.”

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